the 4th of july | 2016

but first, coffee.

sip. chug.

alright, we can move on!

we rolled out of bed this morning and woke the girls up to get them back on their schedule after a full weekend of fun!

we were so super busy and the girls loved every single bit of it.

family. swimmin. festivals. picnics. fireworks. food. pools. sparklers. friends. parades. games. bon fires.

the weather was pretty much icky the whole weekend..more like october weather here in ohio.. we dressed for the occasion and still had a blast with all of our family and friends.

last year was so stressful because the girls were still so tiny and we were still not supposed to be seeing anyone.. i was a nervous wreck the whole time. this year the girls were going to whoever wanted to hold them, having a blast playing with kids and getting kisses from everyone!

friday we rested up + had a movie night at home.. prepping for the full weekend ahead!

saturday we spent the day over at gramme and grampies for a pool party + cookout. delicious food and great company!


IMG_2018lila discovered corn on the cob. hilarious.

IMG_2024um check out this home made ice cream cake. yes. yes. yes.

mark will be getting the recipe to me so i can share it with you… delish.

sunday we went over to a friends house for another delicious cookout with great friends and family.. the girls even got a taste of their first fireworks! they were super hesitant because we were close so the noises were loud.. i may or may not have claw marks from little miss piper.

monday we started out at the parade – in the rain… helllllo double strollers. 6 kids 3 and under. phew! they all had a blast and even got a taste of their first suckers!

IMG_2141the girls were so sweet, clapping along with the crowd when our servicemen and women came through.

IMG_2187cousin love. they basically eat each other’s face every chance they get.

then we went to meet grammy and grampy for lunch at the festival before heading back for naps while the adults got a quick workout in!


IMG_2199for the afternoon, we headed over to some friends house for yet again, another cookout and games! so much fun!!

IMG_2242we decided to keep the little ladies up to see the fireworks and i. am. so. glad. we. did!!

IMG_2210they were in awe!! we were far enough away that they weren’t scared and had the most perfect view!

we had such a blast!

i hope you all had a fantastic weekend too!

thank you to all of the men and women who serve our country so that we can have a full weekend full of fireworks, cookouts + fun.

IMG_2114 IMG_2123IMG_2073IMG_2081 IMG_2080




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