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good morning and happy hump day! we’ve had so much going on around here and with two toddling toddlers, i feel like i’ve been running around with my head cut off..but in a good way ;)!

i wanted to take today to throw it back to some of my first months blogging.  what started out as a way to document all of my fun happenings with the girls has now started to turn into more of a really fun + fulfilling way to raise awareness, support families and connect with all of you! i have really enjoyed where blogging has taken me and I’m prepping a post right now about the whole process.

for today, let’s throw it back and check out my first article to be published… like outside of this little corner of cyberspace…i am proud of this one for so many reasons, but mainly because of it’s organic reach and how many people it touched. it’s actually being printed right now, which i’m super excited about and will totally share when i get a copy! you can find the original post here.

we stand together

we are one in eight. we stand together.

one in eight couples struggle with infertility. we stand together.

one third of those couples struggle with female infertility
one third of those couples in male infertility
one third of those is attributed to both the male and female.
and we stand together.

the amazing thing? not one of our stories are the same.

if you have had to go down this road in the past or you are somewhere in the midst of that seemingly endless, curvy road, you know it is a messy one.  one that is filled with more emotions than you ever thought you could handle.

anxiety. tears. anger. hope. fear. pain. confusion. acceptance. denial. loss. defeat. joy.


our infertility journey is filled with all of those things and more.

but you pick yourself up, and you do it. and somehow you bring yourself to go through one.more.month.

three years ago this month, we had a miscarriage..and we were devastated.
then months and months of testing.
and then there was cancer. 

that is when we became the one-third of couples whose infertility is attributed to both male infertility + female infertility.

and then there were the treatments that led us to these precious little 31-weeker miracles.

although I haven’t shared it yet, our story is coming because it deserves to be heard.  it is a story of grace. hope. joy.
i can assure you… we stand together.

this journey is one that is so isolating. SO painful.
the testing. the prodding. the sticks. the cramping. the bruises. the ultrasounds. the surgery. the pain. that one line when you were praying for two.
blood when there isn’t supposed to be.

not everyone’s journey ends like ours. those two pink lines may never come. there might be adoption. there might be one baby. or four. or none.
whatever your journey looks like, own it. own the ups and the downs. the feelings of hoplessness, confusion. your frustrations. and possibly your joy.

if there is one thing I have learned through our journey it is that there is power in numbers.

this week is National Infertility Awareness Week. but infertility doesn’t just last a week.  it lasts a lifetime.  it’s time to #StartAsking the hard questions. break the silence. choose hope.


because afterall, we stand together.




 Note: This post was written as part of the Bloggers Unite Challenge for during National Infertility Awareness Week.  It’s time to #StartAsking the hard questions and share our stories.  It’s time for our voices to be heard, so I’m going to #StartAsking you to share your story, whether you’re in the midst or have battled through it.  Afterall, we stand together.
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  1. You are so correct that we are never alone in our struggles. There are always others out there, yet we may never meet them. Finding commonalities unites us all. ?

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