toddler activities | valentine’s day bird feeders

i can’t believe february is literally around the corner..january flies by and valentine’s day always sneaks up on me!
we had collected pinecones at a park back in september or so with grand plans to make bird feeders during the first part of winter…and here we are, zach found the bag in the back of the van and tried to throw them away, reminding me about our little project i had planned!

over the weekend we had a bit of spring weather making this the perfect activity to do outside. if it’s still freezing, throw some newspaper {does anyone still get that?!..we don’t…} on the table and call it good. i don’t mind the mess, but i can hear my sister saying she wouldn’t even attempt this for the potential mess.. it’s really not that bad, promise!

valentine’s day bird feeders

materials needed:

peanut butter
bird seed
red/purple fruit loops {i used off brand}
baby wipes/rag


1. spread peanut butter liberally all over pinecone

2. stick desired amount of fruit loops onto pinecone {i found it easiest to stick them in between the spaces}

3. roll pinecone in bird seed or sprinkle bird seed on pinecone

4. tie string onto top of pinecone

5. hang and wait for those birdies!

after showing the girls each step with a little demonstration, i let the girls take full reign on this project. they thought it was SO cool to use a plastic knife and were very responsible with them. i’m always amazed at how well kids do when you give them responsibility…obviously not everyone is ready for that, but a spoon works just as well! they went back and forth putting peanut butter on and sticking fruit loops on, then finding another pinecone.

i was shocked at how long they worked on these bird feeders but they were totally into it. sometimes i have grand plans for an activity, thinking they’ll be all about it and it’s a total bust…other times they sit and work on something for 30 minutes straight and talk about it the whole time….this one was totally a mama win!

they got a kick out of thinking they were having a picnic for the birdies.
‘boooodies, we havin a piiiiiccccnipppp’
‘come n eatcha foooooood!!!!’
‘i got some peeeeanuuuut buddah fo’ yaaaa!!!’

i was dying…absolutely hilarious.

the end result was absolutely perfect and let me tell you, they were SO proud of themselves!!
they got to choose where to hang the feeders and decided on a tree + on our porch. they’ve checked on them every single morning and although we haven’t seen a bird on our feeders just yet, the girls think it’s the coolest thing in the world to yell for the birds telling them their lunch is ready!

happy valentine’s day, boodies!!!


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