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well, we’re back!! i’m certainly not ready for the new week, but we had the greatest weekend away with friends for an adults-only trip down at lake toxaway.
this was my first real time ‘away’ from the girls since they were born and if i’m being completely honest, i was a nervous wreck being away from them.  i knew they would be in the best hands having the MOST fun and wouldn’t even miss us…but still, i couldn’t help but miss their sweet faces before we even left.
we have a group of friends that started out as our bible study group that quickly morphed into who we ‘do life’ with.
as a group, we have kicked cancer’s ass twice, had 8 babies (4 and under), 2 miscarriages, started new jobs, ended old ones, birthday parties, funerals, births, marriages, parent’s divorces, and loved jesus the whole way. you know those friends that you meet and you instantly know you have best friends forever? well, this is our crew.



most of the group piled in a 12-passenger van and headed down before the sun rose. the rest of the group arrived by the end of the night and the festivities began.
we had planned before the trip for everyone to be in charge of either breakfast or dinner with hard-core snacking in between which proved to be so helpful and delish!!
sweet potato hash. soup. eggs. cinnabons. carnitas tacos. smoked chicken buffalo blue cheese dip.
we ate well, folks. we ate well.



there were so many times throughout the weekend we would pause and acknowledge the lack of responsibility…purely a break from the everyday life of parenting.
..it didn’t take long, though, to miss those sweet babes something fierce..


the whole weekend was so much fun.
boat rides. food. games. stories. laughing. drinks. fires. sleeping. diy spa day.
it was the best time and we all agreed that it had to become an annual trip. i think we all came back feeling a little refreshed and missing our people…not quite ready to face reality!


our two little ladies didn’t miss a beat and had the privilege to stay with their aunt ebby and uncle bunny for two days and one night followed by two days and two nights with their mammaw and pappaw. i loved getting the sweetest pictures of them having the best time.
we are so blessed to have family close who wants to love on them and spoil them every chance they get…and spoiled they were.
parks. games. special treats. bubble baths. leaves. crafts. blueberries galore. walks.
it’s safe to say they had an absolute blast!

we came home sunday night to the biggest hugs, smiles and giggles. it’s by far my favorite place to be…with my people. we got home and zach was reading books with his two peanuts bouncing all over him and giggling all over…

while weekend get aways are so so needed and we had a blast…we are so happy to be home with our little family!




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3 thoughts on “weekend away | lake toxaway

  1. The photos are spectacular and the food looks heavenly for sure! Sounds like it was great for you and for your girls. As my Mom once said, “You can never too many people love your children, so be glad when those people want to love them.” God is good! ?✝️

    1. God is certainly good and you’re right…there’s no such thing as too many people to love your babes!!! :*

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