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happy monday, friends!!
life has taken over and it feels like we’re doing everything and nothing at the same time…annnd i feel like i’ve said that before!  filled with so much happiness, family and time with the girls, priorities have made it hard to check in… #life . .
zach is officially on summer break and it has been amazing!! we are eating up our last days as a family of four and the weather has been absolute perfection. we’re outside every single chance we get, balancing our time with cramming everything in + crashing on the couch.

so much to catch up on…here we go!

the dunkin donuts shoutout in this post is sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts! 

happy birthday, zach!!
we got the chance to celebrate the main man in our lives this weekend… zach turned 33!! the only thing he asked for was a bonfire with family and friends, and he certainly is easy to appease. we spent the day hanging as a family, playing on the new playground he built the girls {a post is coming soon!}, and then had a super easy cookout with friends and family. we ended the night by the bonfire and he announced no less than 20 times that it was just the best birthday ever! he’s simple…give him his girls, a beer + a bonfire and he’s the happiest man in the world! 🙂
happy birthday, love.. you’re my bestest and i can’t wait to see what these next few weeks bring us.
i wish i could put into words the amount of love us girls have for you… you’re truly the best thing that’s ever happened to us!

strollers strides + 1:1 dates
in no way is this part sponsored…i’m just super excited to share it with you!!…saturday i had the opportunity to try out stroller strides at fit4mom south dayton and holy moly. i can’t wait to go back!! stroller strides is a total fitness program you can do with your baby which made it super fun and a totally different kind of workout.  piper was still sleeping when it was time for us to go, so lila and i headed out for a 1:1 date, which is super special for us. we rarely have the girls separated, not for any reason other than it’s just easier. i wanted to try it once with two {or just one!} babes before bringing a third into the mix and figured it certainly wouldn’t hurt getting the process going to meet miller! the class was so. much. fun. it kicked my butt {i had to modify a lot, which was easy to do}and the whole class took place outside!! so perfect for the summer… i honestly can’t wait to go back. when miller is here, i plan to wear him and have both girls in the stroller! megan, the owner and instructor was so great with the kids and incorporated music, puppets and movement to keep them all entertained.
after the class, lila and i hung around and took some time to giggle, run around and play in the fountains. the most perfect 1:1 date with my little girl… something i most certainly cherish!

pool days
check these babes out! summer is h.e.r.e and we are totally eating up the sunshiny, warm weather! grammie gave the girls a blow up pool in place of an easter basket this year and we were super pumped to pull it out this weekend! they had so much fun splashing around, stomping in the water and going down the slide..if you need us, you can find us riiiiiight there.
side note… we bought both of these bodysuits from golden hill design last year…i wasn’t sure if they would still fit them this year, but sure enough they do. lightweight, the softest fabric you’ve ever felt and perfect for the water + the perfect amount of stretch to last through two seasons…the girls will be living in them all this summer too! again…not sponsored in any way…these seriously are just the best bodysuits. ever. when you think about how many clothes can last your babe through two whole seasons… #mamawin!!!

kings island
zach and i wanted to have a family date knowing our days as a family of four are dwindling and we decided to put the passes ‘grandma + grandpa’ had given us to kings island to use.  i’ll be honest i was slightly hesitant because i wasn’t sure how much there would be for them to do, but we had SO much fun!!! goodness gracious, we had an absolute blast and the girls loved riding what rides they could, seeing all the excitement and we even stopped by the water park! it truly was the best day.. the girls crashed hard on the way home and we considered it a HUGE win! we’ll be going back, for sure!

dunkin’ donuts tv appearance
on thursday, i had the opportunity to talk about the girls donuts + jammies 2nd birthday party on abc22 / fox 45 in celebration of national donut day with dunkin donuts!! although we missed national donut day {friday}, dunkin has some delicious new happenings for the summer you don’t want to miss… iced coffee, frozen coffee + new donuts.. you can’t go wrong!! i’ll be posting the video soon, so stay tuned!!

i hope you had the most fantastic weekend and are rested and ready for the week ahead!

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10 thoughts on “weekend favs | HBD zach!!

  1. That’s so great you are on summer break! Enjoy! A few more weeks here for us! Loved that donut post!

  2. I can’t wait to see your tv appearance! Sounds like it went well and you didn’t go into labor on tv which is always good! ?Lol.

  3. That is so awesome that you got to talk about your adorable party friend, well done! And happy birthday to your hubby!

  4. Happy birthday to your hubby! My husband’s birthday was this weekend too. Congrats on your tv appearance too! That is awesome!

  5. 1…your husband and my husband sound like they’d get along with their birthday bonfires 2….love the matching swimsuits for your girls! and 3…i am excited to see your DD video!! Go you doing so much pregnant!

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