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good morning and happy monday! i hope you’re stopping by today totally refreshed and ready to take on the week ahead! we had such an amazing weekend full of friends and time with our little family of four.  i was spoiled like crazy with girl time + a little surprise from zach, and we even got to spend the day outside on sunday being productive! just an all-around amazing weekend… i hope yours was too!

29 w e e k s + miller’s room
this b e l l l l y…. i can’t even believe i’m 29 weeks into growing baby miller.. time is flying and we’re finally starting to make some progress on his nursery!  if you follow along on instagram, you saw this pop up on friday and i just couldn’t help but brag on my crazy amazing hubby.  i tend to come up with ridiculous ideas and then say, ‘hey, can you build this for me???’ he is so talented and has blown me away with so many incredible projects…but aside from the bed he built me for our wedding, this could be my new favorite. i knew i wanted a wood palette wall, but his handy work has blown me out of the water.. the girls and i got home friday night to this beauty… i can’t wait to show you more, but for now… a special sneak peak!!

girls day
saturday started out bright and early with some of my best girls and we booked out the whole day to do absolutely nothing together down in cincinnati. literally the only thing on the ‘plan’ was to get manis and even that could or could not have happened. i’d be lost without my girl friends and this was the first time we’ve ever gotten away to do a full day of laughing, eating and having fun. we started the morning at taste of belgium, followed by lots of shopping, manis, more shopping, and dinner at cooper’s hawk.  we’re old..and after a full day, we were all ready to call it quits in our beds around 11pm!! so much laughing. so much love.

breakfast in bed
after getting home pretty late {anything after 8pm is late for this mama}.. zach 100% spoiled the daylights out of me and woke up to get the girls in the morning, followed by surprising me with breakfast in bed.  sleep has been pretty non-existent lately and you can usually find me pacing the house, doing squats or watching infomercials trying to make myself fall asleep from the hours of 1 – 5 am.  i wouldn’t trade it for the world and i’ll take the lack of sleep any day after our journey to get here.  there’s something to be said for feeling those sweet kicks in the middle of the night… he’s just too good to me and i so appreciated the extra snoozes i snuck in!

piggies + giggles
sunday was just the best. days like this are our new favorite, our new normal… hanging with our crew at home, tackling home projects, playing in the garden with two little helping hands and golf cart rides. they’re the best of friends and i’m along for the ride. zach and i look at each other and fall even more in love when we see these two become their own beautiful little souls.

it only seems appropriate to end this post with more coffee…it is monday, right?! if it weren’t for my two sweet girls, the most precious baby boy or my handsome hubby…this would be the way to my heart. i’m practically living off of home made caramel macchiatos these days, but when i had the chance to snag a ‘real’ one… starbucks is the only real coffee, am.i.right?!..it’s gotta make the weekend highlights! and now i’m off to go make myself one now.

..guys.. it was a good one… i hope yours was too!
cheers, monday!

question: what was the best part of your weekend?!



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10 thoughts on “weekend favs

  1. An absolute BEST PART for me, was the opportunity to spend the day with two little girls. We played, played, played and laughed! I wouldn’t trade those times for anything! ????

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Putting together a baby nursery is always so much fun!! I can’t wait to see the final product!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! I’ll be honest, I don’t usually feel like I’m getting older, but then I do something like hang out with friends all day or go to a conference and I’m pooped by 9pm!

  4. Sounds like you had such a nice weekend! How fun that you got to have a girl’s day, that’s so great Lindsey. And I love the pallet wall, it looks awesome!

  5. That wall is AMAZING! Your hub is some kind of artist! As is that belly, you look so cute! Is Miller the first name? Because that’s actually super adorable!

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