weekend round up

phew, i got a case of the mondays!

no time for it though because we’re headed out here shortly for a week full of appointments and playdates…fill my coffee cup and send me out the door!did you have a good weekend?! we crammed as much into our weekend as humanly possible and had a  b l a s t!

| friday |

IMG_2893we dropped the girls off at mammaw and pappaws house for a sleepover and headed down to cincinnati to celebrate my dad’s 55th birthday! SO much fun!! we started out filling our bellies with the most delicious food i have had in a really long time at Soto. we followed their recommendations to get different plates from appetizer to desserts and it sure paid off. if you’re in cincy, check them out…you will not be disappointed! after dinner we packed up and headed to the casino to see bryan adams, sung and danced our hearts out and had such a good time! i had never been to a casino before, so after the concert we headed in to win some b.i.g. money. just kidding. but we left with more than we came with so, HUGE win!! woo woo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!

| saturday |

IMG_2890-1without our 630am alarm clocks, we started the day a little later and crawled out of bed at 830 to go get our sweet peanuts…we missed them so! we came home, did some chillin and napped before we headed out for a sweet little girl’s one year old birthday party! so much fun celebrating and with so many kids around, i was terrible at snapping some pics! we got home in time for bed time and also had a surprise visit from aunt stacy + uncle justin so we ended the night with a good ole’ movie date.

| sunday |

IMG_2892two late nights = one very sleepy mama.  we got the girls up and i begged zach to let me crawl back under for an hour nap and i woke up a human being. thaaaank god for a hubby who will take the reigns for breakfast duty! i am so lucky to be a part of a local mother of twins club and this weekend was the much anticipated family picnic! with 103 degree temps, it was a hot one but we all had so much fun and ended our picnic with a swim at the pool! this was literally the first time the girls have ever missed their afternoon nap and they were such troopers, i couldn’t believe how good they were!

it flew by in the blink of an eye, which seems to be the norm here lately with these two ladies.  so much is going on, i can hardly keep up with them.  a whole weekend with my people and my heart couldn’t have been happier.

i hope you had a fantastic weekend, too!

question: what was the best part of your weekend?!



| photo dump |

IMG_2889-1IMG_2888 IMG_2887


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One thought on “weekend round up

  1. I loved seeing how your weekend unfolded. I spent Friday bonding with Lila and Piper’s cousin Greyson at The Learning Tree Farm, The Butterfy House, the music playground and my house. You are right, kids make life so much more fun! ?

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