a woodlands baby shower | celebrating baby h

on sunday, we had the pleasure of celebrating the sweetest mama-to-be and her precious little babe who will be arriving in january!! time has flown for us and janice and i have ‘done life’ together since we were in diapers.  we’ve been through every grade and even through college together and have seen each other through our messiest times in life…but more importantly, our greatest blessings and joys.  i couldn’t be more excited for her to become a mama and join this crazy journey of mommyhood.

baby shower 30 weeks

with holidays and schedules, we only had a few weeks to get this party pulled together, and i have to say, christine, my mom and i nailed it for the most beautiful, whimsical, woodlands-themed baby shower. janice’s closest friends and family joined us to shower our beautiful mama with love and spoil her with baby goodies!

we ended up having quite a few friends help us pull it all together to give her everything she deserved and more.  {thanks, ladies!!}


the food.
we went with a brunch theme and had quiches, coffee cakes, and a fruit yogurt + granola bar.

there was also the most delicious punch and of course apple cider and lemonade.

finished with only the best cupcakes: caramel + caramel, vanilla + buttercream, vanilla + chocolate butter cream…so so delish!! and of course, cookies for the mommy-to-be!


the games.
guess the items. we played a game where 15 baby items (from janice’s registry!) were placed in individual brown paper bags and sealed shut.  we sent each numbered bag around and each guest had to write down their guess of what each item was.  when everyone had finished guessing, the bags were passed around and guests shared their guesses (often times hilarious!) on what each item was.  this game was an absolute crowd pleaser and then janice got to keep each of the items!!
diaper raffle. each guest was asked to bring a pack of diapers and were entered into a drawing to win a cozy knit blanket and fuzzy socks!

img_6126late night diapers. this was something i did for my sister and in turn they did for me during our shower and it was by far one of my favorites when the girls arrived.  guests had the chance to decorate diapers with words of encouragement, laughter, or just plain gross pictures to make you laugh.  i kept these diapers separate in the nursery and saved them only for those late night diaper changes when i needed a laugh to get me through.
i found these adorable print outs from emma over at a lovesome little life and they were the perfect addition to tie our little woodlands theme together!


such a wonderful and beautiful day to celebrate… just the most perfect day!


i love you jan and can’t wait to meet and love on that sweet babe!!



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  1. Sounds like an extraordinary and fabulous shower. You guys out did yourselves! Love the details and the photos!

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