a day at the zoo

3 babes in tow and we’ve been c r a z y lately. something about twin toddlers doesn’t really allow for quiet nursing sessions and staying in jams all day…although those jams most definitely still happen.  this whole newborn phase is just different this time around and i absolutely wouldn’t have it any other way.
we had the chance to head down to the cincinnati zoo yesterday for miller’s first zoo trip and it wound up being simply the best day ever. it was supposed to storm on and off all day and i wasn’t quite sure how mills would do, let alone the girls…but it really was the best! the sun was out and we had some happy babes!

the girls both are in love with animals and when zach and i mentioned the other day going to the zoo, they were all about it, talking non-stop about feeding the giraffes ‘salad’, seeing the monkeys and how the lions ‘rawr.’

we made it out of the house only 30 minutes after planned, had breakfast in the car and drove down to head in! i asked for zoo passes for christmas the last two years and have to say it is quite possibly one of the best gifts! we try to go 1-2x per month and dress for the weather.  the zoo is big enough that we don’t see everything each time so we have plenty to do! zach has only been with us one other time, so the girls had a blast talking him through each animal.

the giraffes i think are a fan favorite so we start our day out with these gentle giants. the girls absolutely love to feed them ‘salads’ and their confidence has come a long way since the first time they screamed their heads off.
{don’t mind miller’s pink carrier…homeboy got stuck with two sisters, so pink hand-me-downs it is!!}

next up was the flamingos.. they weren’t too sure when they came up close!

then the lions…my other favs. they were pretty sleepy today, just lying around, but normally they’re up and about giving a good show.

we stopped for a quick potty break before heading over to see if we could see the new baby hippo… fiona wasn’t out, but we did get to see the two adults!

everyone had some hungry bellies so we stopped for a quick pb+j lunch that i packed before heading down to the bears + a much needed ice cream break!

monkeys were next and the girls quickly started getting sleepy.  we made a quick pitstop in to see the manatees and there is just something magical about little kids and these beautiful animals.

..this face, guys..
we managed to make it out to the car, everyone in good moods and piled our circus back into our car before crashing..hard.

3.5 hours of pure happiness… mills did amazing, as usual and it simply was the best day as a family of 5!

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  1. What amazing parents you two are, I mean that! Lucky kids! ?❤️??????

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