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between being a twin mom + a stay at home mama, i am frequently asked, ‘so what does a day look like?!’ or ‘how do you get it all done?’
some people aren’t sure if we sit around all day and watch tv while others have no idea how i squeeze in enough time to get everything done.
we’re certainly a circus and i am still working out the kinks but i definitely feel like we’re out of the trenches and are absolutely LOVING life. we’re able to get out, have fun, run errands, and just ‘do’ life!
the one resounding theme i have found in managing staying at home is that if i don’t have a plan with daily goals, it will be 9pm and i’ll be crawling in bed saying, ‘what the heck did we do all day??’

our activities really vary based on the day, but our overall schedule is the same.

so, what do i do all day?!

5:15 – alarm goes off + workout. we drag ourselves out of bed to go down to workout.  we’ve found that if we don’t get it done first thing in the morning, its a 50/50 shot of whether it will get done later.  we’ve been doing the 21 day fix workouts for the last 3 months and are still going strong.

5:45 – shower, get ready for the day + drink shakeology..i’m not perfect at this yet.  sometimes if a post needs to get published or i get distracted with my super random brain, i will put off getting ready and i always end up regretting it.  getting ready before the girls get up makes our day SO MUCH smoother, but. it doesn’t always happen.

fullsizerender-26:00-7:30 – me time. i have come to love this time more than i ever thought i would and this is the part of the day i miss the most when i play dead  we sleep through the alarm. lately this has been happening back in bed because there is something really cozy about curling up with my coffee, bible, book and computer. it starts my day in the right frame of mind and when i take time to intentionally pray for the girls, my journey as a mama + wife, and what our plans are, my attitude towards the day and it’s challenges are crazy better.  i’m reading uninvited by lysa teurkurst right now and it’s ah-mazing. i highly highly highly recommend it.  it’s also my time to wrap up a post that i didn’t get to finish, check email, catch up with social media and plan the day

fullsizerender-17:30 – prep for the girls. i’m usually pouring my second cup of coffee while i get the girls milk ready {1/4 packet of carnation instant breakfast} and unload the dishwasher. sometimes if i’m doing great on time i get the crockpot ready.


fullsizerender-38:00 – get the little ladies. i always go in with milk cups ready so that while i change one, the other can have something to keep her busy. i change britches, get the outfits for the day, listen to one of the music boxes that is requested {they have an obsession} and usually read a story before we head out. the girls are just waking up and i am often carrying both girls around and being silly to get them up!

fullsizerender8:30-9:00 – breakfast. depending on the day and what’s going on, we usually have breakfast sometime in this time frame. i usually take advantage of them being locked in their high chairs to also get lunch prepped.  i feel like with two babes, there just isn’t time from ‘i’m starting to get hungry’ to ‘i’m going to yell at you until food is in my mouth.’ there are two babies. which means twice the prep. which also means that if i’m not ready, it’s twice the yelling.  they get haaaaangry. i have no idea where they get that from, it must be their daddy 😉 i usually eat either english muffin with peanut butter and honey or peanut butter toast with banana.

fullsizerender-13after breakfast, we play for a bit while i finish getting myself together and then we’re usually heading out somewhere.  for my own sanity. their sanity. it’s just more productive if we get out of the house and do something.
twin play dates. target. library story time. boonshoft museum. cincinnati zoo. target. grocery. a park. did i say target?
it varies, but the point is, we get out.
**side note: it took me awhile to get to this point and really, we were so limited when they still had their morning nap but we still got out. if you stay at home or have twins, you have to get out.  it takes practice. and sometimes it felt like by the time i packed them up and left we would have 30 minutes before we had to be back, but it was important. practice and get used to it because you need to!!

fullsizerender-129:30 – get it together. makeup, hair, shoes..it sounds easy, but with two toddlers this process takes entirely too long. they have come to enjoy playing in the shower usually yelling to hear the echo, ha. whatever works! i’m telling you it’s. a. freaking. circus. the 5 minutes it takes to get piper’s braces on lila has found a box of tissues that yesterday were out of her reach (she’s growing an inch a day i swear). so. there goes that.

10-2 is usually our time out of the house! today it looked like:

10:00 – in the car! woo!!

fullsizerender-10fullsizerender-1610:30 – story time. toddler story time. if you need some entertainment, you should go! they LOVE it! music, dancing, story + craft. we haven’t quite mastered the ‘don’t put it in your mouth’. lila ingested half of a glue stick. it’s fine.

fullsizerender-1411:30 – target. i had some errands to run and literally made the fastest in and out trip of my entire life. this car thing? bad idea. piper took out an entire umbrella display. have i mentioned we’re a circus??

fullsizerender-1812:30 – lunch.  we’re usually eating at noon but today we had optimist. probably one of the last times that will happen with our crew. they’re officially loud toddlers that can’t be quietly contained during meetings! fun though to hang with grammie and aunt tine!

fullsizerender-171:30 – play time. we’re outside literally every chance we can get.  the girls love to throw the ball for the dogs. or give them sticks. or lay on them. or me. play with the leaves. getting that last bit of energy out!!

fullsizerender-152:00-4:00 – naptime hustle. yep. still coffee. girls sleep and this is usually my time to blog, catch up on social media, work on a project, clean, and 3/5 days prep for dinner.  those 2 hours fly by but when i am intentional about that time, i am super super productive. as soon as i hear someone start to stir, i wrap up what i’m doing and pick up toys and get their milk and snack ready.


fullsizerender-114:00-6:00 – snack + play OR gymnastics. play time and getting dinner ready! sometimes zach gets home around this time and i always love having an extra hand while i’m cooking. we play out in the sandbox, inside with the toys.. reading books, being silly. within 10 minutes you would have never known i picked up and the house is a disaster. little tornadoes. today though, was gymnastics.

fullsizerender-76:00-6:30 – dinner time. we always sit down as a family and enjoy meal time together.  the girls have started to get the hang of praying and hearing them say, ‘amen’ at the end is about the cutest thing ever.  the girls usually eat what we do but on occasion they have their own little meal! if you missed this post about ezpz, you seriously need to check  it out. it is on my top 5 of toddler essentials!!

fullsizerender-5 fullsizerender-6 fullsizerender-86:45 – bath time. zach is usually in charge of bath time and likes this special time with his little girls.  i’m usually cleaning up dinner and getting jams out for some squeaky clean babes.

7:15-8:00 – wheel of fortune, jeopardy + bed time routine. i might be 90 years old but if we are home, we are watching wheel while we get the girls ready for bed.  it’s last minute play time, jams, lotion, books, brushing the teeth, reading their little bible, giving lovins (kisses) and going night night.

8:00-8:15 – i sit on the couch. i take it almost every single day. sometimes with wine, sometimes with ice cream, sometimes just sitting and staring at the tv. my tush is wiped and i need 5 minutes to get it together to wrap up the night.

8:15-10:00 – clean up, blogging, laundry + tv…. toys, dishes, the house.  we usually try to tag team all of this but i have husband of the year who almost nightly is helping me clean up! and i’d be lying if there weren’t days that he lets me catch up on blog stuff while he does clean up! the tv is always on during this time and i’m mentally wiped.

10:00 – bed time. we’re old but when we’re getting up at the butt crack of dawn, it’s necessary!!

there you have it! i feel like we’re crazy busy and honestly i wouldn’t have it any other way. we’re having so much fun, the girls love life and are so so happy. for now this is our normal and we love it!!

question: what’s one thing you do to make it a good day?!?



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One thought on “a day in the life | twin stay at home mama

  1. I try to sit down for a yummy salad for lunch Mon-Fri is the one thing that I try to do.
    Thanks for the amazing play by play of your average day, plus it gives me a time table for when they are with me. Ha-ha! There is no way that I could ever get it down as smoothly as you do, you inspire me sweet girl. Love this post!

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