baby brother upgrades with milk snob

. . 30 w e e k s . .
when i got my weekly bumpdate alert on my phone friday and it said 30 weeks, i about had a panic attack. in some ways it feels like we have quite a bit of time left and others it feels like we have so much to do before our new baby brother arrives! it seems like just yesterday we were announcing our big news and here we are, well into our third trimester.
so much has changed since my pregnancy with the girls and i’m quickly realizing how much i have to learn about being a boy mama.  when we found out we were blessed with a baby boy, we started talking about what all we would need to invest in because, well, pink everything just wasn’t going to cut it for this cline boy! luckily, there are SO many adorable + trendy shops out there with the most functional must-have baby items and i’m loving discovering them all. if there is one thing i learned with twin babes it’s that there just isn’t time {or enough hands} for non-sense… if it’s not functional, i’m not going to use it. if it doesn’t help me get the job done in a quicker and more efficient way, i don’t want it.

enter: milk snob.
the original milk snob cover is a fitted car seat cover that can also be used as a nursing cover or shopping cart cover.

milk snob car seat cover

we’re busy around here with these two big sissy’s and not a day hour goes by that they’re not swooning over this growing belly. homeboy is going to have to buckle up and come along for the ride because i’m not anticipating it slowing down any time soon.

milk snob car seat cover

. . oh hey belly . .

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milk snob car seat cover

let me tell you.
good night was it windy and i think the one thing i was most impressed with {besides how soft it is} was how it didn’t budge. my old car seat covers would have been flapping all over the place and waking sleeping babes, but not this one.  rest assured, miller would have been sleeping soundly {look at my optimism!!} despite these two crazies running a muck.

twin love milk snob

real life moment: can you tell who’s antibiotics hadn’t kicked in quite yet for strep? my bicep needs an ice pack. she was d o n e . .

milk snob review

another feature i love about these covers + swaddle blankets is how breathable they are.  this will be the perfect cover to use all summer to block the wind + sun for all of our park play dates and shennanigans {and maybe all those stranger germs too…does that drive anyone else nuts?!}.  it has the perfect amount of stretch and truly offers 360 degree coverage for those crazy kicking feet, too.

milk snob

alright, miller, we got ya covered in this department!

a special thank you to milk snob for providing product to review for this post. all opinions expressed are my own.

carseat cover | c/o milk snob
swaddle blanket | c/o milk snob
car seat/stroller | graco
lindsey tank | for two fitness
leggings | motherhood maternity
girls shirts | carter’s
shorts | old navy
shoes | sketchers
bows | c/o missmagpie originals



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3 thoughts on “baby brother upgrades with milk snob

  1. so I was a big cheap-o my first pregnancy and I thought “i totally don’t need a carseat cover… i have a blanket, duh”. omg, if I could rewind 5 years and slap myself in the face i would because CAR SEAT COVERS ARE A GAME CHANGER. flappy blankets plus kicking feet are NOT a good mix.

  2. The pics are so great, so natural and the cover looks so soooofffffffftttttttt! ?❤️

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