first trimester favs | baby 3

good morning and happy fri-YAY!
i hope you’ve had such an awesome week, we have been super busy and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down much this weekend!

being pregnant with a third babe has brought us through all sorts of new territory.. for some reason i thought that if i had two toddlers running a muck that i wouldn’t have time to be sick…turns out i was wrong.  baby 3 is just as feisty in creating those hormones that have made for a rough first trimester. although i am most certainly starting to feel better, night time is still pretty rough for this mama. even with the twins, my morning sickness always started at night, even waking me up in the middle of the night to get sick, then moved to the day and morning, and then it’s always the last to go too.
i wasn’t sure quite what to expect but i was really hoping that my symptoms with a singleton would be much more subdued. again. wrong. exhaustion is an understatement and it probably didn’t help that i couldn’t stomach coffee for the first 12 weeks either. while i still don’t have much of a sweet tooth (if you know me, that is w e i r d), i’m back to having a fairly normal appetite.

diclegis.  i learned so much from my pregnancy with the girls that i had a pretty good idea of what i needed to do to curb the puking and #1 favorite on this list of first trimester favs is diclegis. i maxed out the dosing on this beauty and literally it is the only thing that can keep me from throwing up.  i took phenigran at night which for the most part kept me sleeping so i didn’t wake up for a 2am throw up session… once i get on a good system, i do pretty well!! only downside to diclegis is it is expeeeensive.

of all things, this pregnancy, i have been craving healthy food… salads, apples + peanut butter, oranges, grapefruit.. i basically need an orchard in my backyard, fighting the girls for blueberries on the daily. i suppose i shouldn’t complain about that one!!

maternity clothes made their way into my closet a little later this pregnancy at just 9 weeks, but i grew so fast with the girls, i made the transition at about 6 weeks.  i knew not to fight it this time and i happily transitioned into my some of my favorites!! i live in these gap bodyfit shirts, these pinkblush jeans and any cardigan i can find!

leach back n’ belly maternity pillowyou’re welcome. zach might have had a few choice words when i pulled this sucker out but honestly this pillow can’t be beat. he bought it for me as a present when i was pregnant with the girls, and i think he instantly regretted it. however, i’ve tried so many different maternity pillows and they just weren’t what i needed to have enough support. it seriously saved so many uncomfortable nights and i brought it out early! and, this is the cheapest i’ve found it!! use your 20% off coupon and that’s the best maternity buy you could possibly make!

Honest Organic Belly Balm this is one of those things that i wish i would have discovered earlier last pregnancy and i really haven’t stopped using it! this is the best i have found to help with stretch marks and itchy stretching skin. i put it all over and love love love how smooth it makes my skin!

water is so so so important all throughout your pregnancy…and nursing. and just life. but this first trimester, even water would make me nauseous. i finally found a drink i could stomach that tasted good! hint water, and more specifically hintfizz unsweetened peach was in search for something in the middle of target when i got crazy sick and for whatever reason, i opened this up in the middle of the aisle and started chugging. it saved me and from then on i’ve been hooked!! i have a hard time finding it but target never lets me down!!

prenatals.. another touchy one that i’ll be honest i went probably way too many days skipping because they reappeared minutes after taking them. finally over that stage and my gag reflex is getting better but these still are my favs!!

protein, protein, protein. i always struggle to get all of my protein in these first few weeks and entering into cold + flu season means germs galore. one thing i can count on is shakeology to get enough protein in and keep me energized just enough to get through the day.

 i’ll be honest and let you in on a secret… most of these stay true to me throughout my entire pregnancy although my cravings do change. these are just things i focus on getting each day to make sure i’m getting enough nutrients to the babe and still have some left over for me!!

what am i missing?! what’s on your list, mamas?! what do i need on my list as we enter the second trimester?!



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