friday favs

good morning and happy friday!!
how are you today?! i hope your day is off to a good start and you have wonderful things on your agenda for the weekend to fill you with happiness!

we’ll stick to our usual friday post this morning to share some happiness with you! it’s always so helpful to focus on things that are making me smile, and as always, i love hearing what’s making you smile too!
my hubby
things have been crazy around here and we have so much going on. i’ve felt like i’m falling behind in my usual duties around the house and with the girls…but when i looked outside last night while i was cooking dinner, my heart was in a puddle on the floor. zach had offered to take the girls outside to play so i could get some things done and i quickly jumped on the chance.  daddy and his girls came walking around the barn into the orchard and they were all on cloud nine.  he is so hands on and while i normally am fending two toddlers out of the kitchen while i try to throw dinner on the table, he totally steps up when i’m off my game a bit and we just cruise on. such a lucky little lady i am.


you all!
again, so many crazy and good things happening over here, but i felt so loved when over the week i have heard from quite a few of you faithful readers wondering where my blog has been?! y’all are so sweet to check up and make sure everything is okay!! everything is wonderful over here, just lots of fun things in the works!!

friends trip planning
i think i mentioned it before but we have an adults trip in the making coming up and i am so so e x c i t e d!! it is more needed than could possibly be put into words…we’ll be making the most out of it!! the girls have a spa day and we’ve all agreed on nothing but sweatpants for the whole weekend!! i’m just so excited!!

tumbling spiders
bahaha. the girls’ tumbling classes all celebrated halloween in true fashion and asked the kiddos to dress up in costume for class this week! if you follow me on instagram this gem popped up on your feed… you’re welcome. lila clearly was thrilled about being a spider and that face…oh. my. gosh. i have died literally every time i look at it.

baby showers
my best friend’s due date is quickly approaching and i have the honor to host her shower this weekend with my most amazing mom and sister. we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate this beautiful little mama and goodness these showers just get me so excited!! is there anything sweeter than the newest, sweetest, cooing, cuddly little babe??? bah, give me all the baby showers!


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