friday favs

good morning and happy friday! i hope you’ve had a fantastic week!

friday’s are reserved for sharing with you some of my favs and everything i’ve been loving lately! i’ve discovered some awesome things from you, so don’t forget to play along in the comments sections below!

let’s jump right to it because i am quickly on my way out to a play date with a whole bunch of twin mama’s…
c h a o s



date nights!
these rarely happen any more but when they do, they’re so great! we have so much fun together and it’s so nice to get out and love on each other a little! we picked bonefish grill because we had a gift card from christmas…mmmmm. yum. it was delish!


the first years on-the-go booster seat
unt ebby surprised us with the most thoughtful package the other day with these two life savers!! how cool are these booster seats?! we’ve never actually sat in a booster seat yet, but we’re not quite fitting into the bumbos anymore (insert baby thighs).. so it’s time to be big girls! these are seriously the coolest and i can’t wait to take them everywhere!


the division of labor 
you’ve seen me rave about this game changer here.. and for good reason. this bag is seriously so perfect for the mom on the go, working mom, daddy bag, or fitness mama. this bag is seriously the bomb and is so functional for our crazy life! talk about rocking a diaper bag, right?!


IMG_1812 ponies.
as in ponytails. if you follow me on instagram, you saw this pop up as their first time rocking a pony together! goodness gracious my heart leaps every single time. this also means the boooows. give me all the bows!! my favs lately have been these from missmagpie originals and these from jamesonmonroe. i seriously can’t get enough!


stitch fix.
if you missed it, you can check out my reveal to see what i received in my box!! my fav was definitely this purple tank and is hanging up to be worn tomorrow! shopping is non existent these days unless at kroger or on amazon so to have beautiful options sent right to my doorstep is a lifesaver. i can have a fashion show during nap time and try items on with what i already have in my closet to see what will work and what won’t. best part? if i don’t like something and i just put it back in the return bag and it gets sent right back! easy peasy!

question: what are you loving lately?! any good weekend plans?!




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4 thoughts on “friday favs

  1. Aunt Ebby loves to send surprises and she used this same seat with Grace and Ethan and now Greyson. It will fit all chairs, holds the little one very securely and zips shut easily. Enjoy! Your hubby looks so great and still masculine with that cool diaper bag. I would so carry that bag myself. Have a great play date! ??

    1. The bag definitely makes an awesome gym bag!!! Those booster seats are going to be on my baby shower list!! 🙂

  2. I noticed the booster seats at Amy’s party the other night. What a great idea !

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