friday favs #40

good morning and happy friday to my favorite internet people!! how are you today?! we’re all doing fantastic and have a fun weekend planned with lots of friends and family! we’ll be heading out after breakfast this morning for a play date with our twins club… something i always look forward to! there’s something really comforting about being in the midst of a bunch of mama’s who all have one thing in common: multiples. it’s chaotic, loud and so much fun!
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in good ole’ friday fashion, let’s hop on down to our usual friday favs where we talk about everything that’s making me smile this week! you can read about some random things that are lifting me up this week and as usual, i always love to hear what’s good in your life!! feel free to leave a comment of something delicious, entertaining or just plain happy in your life this week!

friday favs
donut dates
there’s a small donut shop in centerville {the town i’m from} called bill’s donuts that i grew up going to…opened in 1960 it is the one place i have memories from when i was a little little girl all the way to the middle of the night high school runs.  i have so many memories, mainly of my dad and sister, grabbing donuts and sitting in the booths to chitter and chatter stuffing our faces with fresh donuts. it’s a local tradition and are by FAR the best donuts you will ever put in your mouth! still owned by the original owner’s kids, i could not WAIT to bring the girls here!! they loved every bit of it, from climbing up on the bar stools, staring and pointing at each donut, and of course, sitting in the booth, stuffing their face with donuts + chocolate milk! most certainly a highlight for grammie and mama!!

dance parties
sarah, the owner of tippi toes dance company, was so sweet to send me their newest album, released this month and goodness, we love it!!!! i popped it in while zach and i were driving out for a date and we actually wound up having a dance party of our own! so encouraging, so uplifting.. we were having a good ‘ole time! the next day, the girls and i were driving and i turned it on to one of my favorites and instantly, both girls started waving around in the back and clapping soon followed.  i couldn’t stop laughing at how enthusiastic they were and as soon as the song finished, lila started hollering, ‘gen, gen’ {again, again}.  the girls love to rock out and while we normally jam to klove, this was a fun alternative to listen to some uplifting + encouraging music!

sahale cashews
this was a random find while standing in line at old navy earlier this week. i thought i was going to die if i didn’t have something to hold me over so i may or may not have ripped into these before even paying for them. holy guac, they’re delicious!!!! i couldn’t find them at the grocery during my next stop, so, if anyone has any ideas where to find them, help a sista out!!! they’re super yummy and most definitely held me over for a bit!!

eyelash extensions
i’ve had so many questions about getting my lashes done, i figured it was time for an update!! after nearly 6 weeks, i finally went to get a fill!! i took reeeeeally good care of them and i was even contemplating waiting another week, but. it was time, i admit. when i look from this angle, they were certainly thinner, but still, not too bad for almost 6 weeks!! if you’ve been thinking about getting them done, seriously, do it!! i can’t tell you how many days i’ve walked out of the house without makeup on and still get compliments on my lashes. if you’re local, you still have until the end of the month to receive 15% off using the code twin peeks at jungle red salon!! ask for my girl joanna to get your lashes or facial done, or try a blowout or mani/pedi!!

spring weather
ok, i’m all for snow at christmas, but by golly, as soon as the new year hits, i’m so ready for spring!!! give me all the flowers, bright colors, leaves…new life!! i know we’re in the middle of january and we still have months of snow and sub-zero temps, but i’m so ready.  we had a glimpse of warmer weather this past week and the girls + i spent a full 2.5 hours outside in a hoodie and hat, climbing, sliding, collecting rocks, playing in the sandbox, digging in the mud, and running around and it was p e r f e c t. i can not WAIT for the summer with my two big girls and all of the fun we will have.  they still have no idea how to sit and watch tv and to say my heart explodes every time they ask to go play outside would be an understatement. girlfriends, you play outside every chance you get.

what are you loving today?!




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8 thoughts on “friday favs #40

  1. You’re lashes look amazing!! Really want to get
    Mine done. And I couldn’t agree with you more as soon as it hits January I can’t wait for spring and summer I don’t like the cold!! Lol

    Kasie xo

    1. You’re too sweet, Charlotte!! Thanks for stopping by!!… the lashes are to. die. for. honestly they’re my favorite form pampering!!

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