friday favs #41

happy fri-yay friends!!
i’m quickly wrapping up today before jumping in the shower so we can head out! {did you know i usually have most of my post done the night before and then try to proof read and write my intro the morning of before hitting publish? not that it always happens that way, but. i tend to write after the girls go to bed and i’m just not a night person anymore.} annnnyways.
if you missed it on instagram and Facebook, i am counting down minutes until i can see our sweet peanut up on the screen and hear that little heartbeat. we’re headed out for our anatomy scan and while finding out gender is typically the big to-do, i feel like most people underestimate the importance of the whole anatomy scan. i’m trying to stay somewhere in the midst of ‘ignorance is bliss’, but i’ve been on the other side of getting devastating news that something is terribly wrong with your pregnancy or your baby{ies}.  i’m trying really hard to just give it up to god, but i’m beyond human and honestly have been struggling to do just that…trust. i’m getting better. but for now, i’m going to excitedly throw the girls in the car and hold zach’s hand until we can see that little face!!

ok, let’s get on with our usual friday favs and talk happy things!! this is absolutely what i need this morning…everything i’m loving lately. fridays are typically reserved for things that make me smile and i love to hear what has you excited this week! as always, feel free to play along in the comments and tell me something that is making your week!
finding i am
i started doing online bible studies with proverbs 31 ministries when i was on bedrest, pregnant with the girls.  i needed a way to stay in the word and something to pass the time and wound up falling in love.  this is my third study i have done and i have yet to be disappointed.  lysa terkeurst has a way of writing that is so relatable and her story is nothing short of filled with grace and life.  while i’m only one chapter into this one, i know it’s going to be good and i love spending my mornings getting focused for the day.

starbucks smoked butterscotch latte
good night have you had one of these?!?! i was honestly kinda hesitant to try it but good golly. so delicious. i still haven’t been in the mood for something super sweet with my coffee and this perfectly satisfied my latte need.  i did learn however that a venti only has two shots of espresso…did you know that?!?! i figured since a tall had one shot, a grande had two…it just made sense for a venti to have three. wrong. i’ve always kinda been irritated with the fact that my venti’s were a little watered down, but now i know why!! you have to ask for an extra shot! not that i need the extra caffeine right now…but. fun fact for the week.

t.g.i.t… can i get an amen?!?!?! DID YOU WATCH?!?! no spoiler alerts here..but. **gasp**. what do you think is going to happen?! pope does it again i tell ya. she’s out to kick ass and is taking names people. those curls get to bouncin and you better watch. out. i’m only missing a big ole glass of cab and we’d be set. until next week,

heated blankets
i know this is random for a friday favs, but it is starting to get c.o.l.d. again..and probably will continue to do so for another couple of months. i am most definitely a cold person and love to snuggle, so this is right up my alley. about 10 minutes before i get into bed, one of my favorite things is to turn on my heated blanket so when it’s time to crawl under, i’m crawling under some warm + toasty sheets. lately with this pregnancy i have felt really restricted in clothes, so my jammie attire is more like a sleeping maternity bra + underwear, which makes the heated blanket even nicer!! since i sleep with one all winter long, i’m probably due for a new one here soon… and how cozy does this one look?!

toddler craft time

i have some serious preschool teacher coming out in me on this one, but. i asked for the girls to get an easel for christmas, not really sure what to expect and what expectations i did have absolutely been blown out of the water. the girls absolutely LOVE every single part about it.  from painting at the easel with brushes to coloring with chalk on the chalk board, they are asking for some sort of art time on a daily basis.  listening to lila ask for her ‘mock’  {smock} is the cutest thing in the world and i have had to ‘close’ the easel throughout all times of the day so they don’t get in and pull every single bit out. don’t get me wrong, it’s a mess. we usually have to have bath time after each painting time, but it’s 100% worth it.  lila definitely winds up with a solid tablespoon of paint in her mouth from the amount of time i catch her sticking her hand/brush in her mouth, but. it’s non-toxic for a reason, we’re cool. ducky is very precise in dipping her brush in the paint and making lines on the paper… by far one of my favs this week!!

it’s your turn! what’s making you smile this week?!




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7 thoughts on “friday favs #41

  1. Good luck with the scan lovely hope all goes well. Loving your Friday faves, heated blankets and lattes sound like heaven oh as well as binge watching scandal and other TV shows! Hehe have a lovely weekend.

    Kasie x

  2. I want to come to toddler craft time it looks like so much fun !! My 2 love painting and drawing xx

  3. Love ur faves! Btw what you should blog on next is how twin moms keep up with 2 of everything and how they organize it all! Just pool it all together or keep things tagged and separated ?and strategies to not go crazy keeping it all coordinated!

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