friday favs #47 | 2nd trimester essentials

good morning and happy fri-YAY to you!! i can’t even believe it but today marks 28 weeks for this mama + my growing babe! i feel like i blinked and my second trimester flew by… maybe it’s the chasing toddlers or that i don’t have my head in a toilet or my bum on bed rest, but i really can’t believe we’re headed into the final stretch.
i feel like i learned so much from my first pregnancy and yet this one has been completely different and so much has changed.  one thing is for sure though, i’ve been all about the comfort + ease. anything to make my life more simple is the name of the game. i certainly have my go-to’s and if i’m being honest i use these products daily. they’ve been my go-to’s and items i simply just can’t live without!

so in true friday fashion, this week’s friday favs will be focused on maternity gear!  as always, i love to hear what’s making you smile this week, so tell me what’s missing from my list or what’s making you happy this week?!

guide to childbirth
i’ve really fallen in love with this book and am enjoying reading about birth in a new light.  i’m really hopeful for a vbac and right now all looks good…so it’s fun to soak up as much information as possible!! i would highly recommend this book if you’re looking to deliver vaginally…whether it’s your first or fourth!

leachco maternity pillow
if there is one item i don’t think i could live without {minus tums}, i think this would be it.  sleeping just isn’t really in the cards these days unless i’m in zero gravity {holla, sleep number} and with this pillow…but  this pillow at least provides some support for this ever growing belly. it’s huge, but it’s 100% worth every inch of space it takes up.

h e a r t b u r n. good night this little boy is following in his sister’s footsteps, and again, i’m reminded i should buy stock in tums before getting pregnant.  i’ve found that as homeboy is growing and taking up more space, i’m able to eat smaller snacks which seems to help, but still. the struggle is real. we live on tums!! i have a container in my purse. my diaper bag. the car. the bathroom… it’s fine!! can’t wait to see that head of hair on this sweet boy!!

dry shampoo
need i say more? i literally have no idea how i survived before dry shampoo, but this stuff is magic.  i can’t imagine washing my hair every day right now and this genie in a bottle saves me hours throughout the week. this has been my go-to brand but i recently picked up a new bottle of morroccan oil dry shampoo, so i’m excited to try it since it’s made for darker roots.

prenatal vitamins
this is obvious, but i’m a gummy girl through and through.  i still have random moments of nausea, although i’m feeling really great overall, and the gummy vitamins tend to do better on my sensitive tummy.  **side note. these look like candy to toddlers and i had a super awesome mom moment and left them on my night stand… i didn’t think the girls would be able to get into them… i was wrong. **forehead smack**. a little call to poison control later… we’re all fine. but. just a reminder, if you have other littles in the house, keep them up high!!

sahale snacks
i discovered these snacks a couple of months ago and absolutely fell in love.  they’re more than delicious and so easy to throw in the diaper bag and car for easy snacking! i’ve only tried the pink + green flavors and i can’t wait to try the others.

cake maternity bras
i just can’t go without a bra these days and have found that the seamless sleeping bras are perfect for night and the deluxe nursing bras are enough support without restriction during the day.  it’s like wearing a non-compression sports bra. i needed new bras this time around and am so happy with them so far!!

hydroflask water bottle
normally i don’t struggle to drink water but for some reason when i’m pregnant i tend to slack on my water consumption which is really not a good thing.  maybe it’s that it gives me heartburn but i always feel like i do so much better when i have a fun water bottle. i’m such a sucker for fun colors and add in a straw and my heart is set…this water bottle is legit.

this isn’t really pregnancy related, but as my appetite is decreasing, it’s really nice to know i have one healthy meal packed full of nutrients.  it’s easy to sip on without stuffing my belly and doesn’t make me gag…win, win, win!

honest co. belly balm
two words. stretch. marks. everyone says it’s genetics, and maybe it is…but, still going to try everything in my power to eliminate those beauty marks.  if nothing else, it smells decent and stops my itchy skin!

pinkblush jams
pink blush has easily become one of my favorite brands i can count on to dress this bump and these jams could be my all time favorite.  i think they run pretty big, but it’s perfect for a growing belly! i can’t get over how much i love the patterns but seriously they’re the comfiest jams you’ve ever met.  i need like 12 more pair because i just live in them when we’re home!

question: what am i missing, mama’s?! what’s number one on your list for your pregnancy?!



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11 thoughts on “friday favs #47 | 2nd trimester essentials

  1. YES to all of this! I loved my maternity pillow + and lived on tums! I wish I had those pjs though, so cute! One of my must haves was coconut water! It really helped with my swelling during the hot summer months until about 34 weeks and then nothing helped thanks to preeclampsia! I hope your third trimester is great!

  2. I love that Ina May book! It made me feel so much more confident in myself! Redeeming Childbirth by Angie Tolpin is another great book I would recommend! 🙂

  3. I just had my third baby and I can definitely agree with you on the body pillow and the tums!! And those pj’s are sooo cute and look super comfy! Thanks for the great tips! ? I’ll have to remember this for when baby #4 comes along!

  4. I love those pants! I didn’t know you could take shakeology whole pregnant! I will definitely do so with my next (if I can get pregnant)!

  5. I too had a pregnancy pillow and tums! I just gave birth in December and I had heartburn practically the entire time. After every meal, it was bad. A friend of mine told me that my baby would have hair since I had heartburn. Sure enough my baby came out with a head full of hair! haha These are really great picks!

  6. Why didn’t I know about Pink Blush when I was pregnant?! That pregnancy pillow looks so good. I had one, but I just didn’t like it.

  7. Oh my goodness those pants are so pretty! I’d wear those all day, too, and I am not pregnant anymore 🙂 I have a post about my pregnancy survival things, too, and I forgot about that pregnancy pillow!! I love mine and still use it. Great roundup!

  8. Tums, prenatals and my hydroflask were my absolute best friends during both my pregnangcies! Can’t seem to get enough water even though my bladder says otherwise!
    Great list!

  9. I love those jams! Where can I get them?
    I would say for me, one essential thing to add to this list is my Mini-wheats! Every morning, it’s the easiest thing to get me started before I have time for a more decent breakfast AND I haven’t had any constipation problem since I started that (which is a good plus!)

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