friday favs #51

it’s FRIIIIDAAAY!!!! woo!! ! i hope you’re having a fantastic week so far, we’ve certainly been b.u.s.y. over here! it feels like life has been in overdrive and we’re constantly in the middle of something, even if that’s absolutely nothing…does that even make sense?

i woke up in a frenzy this morning as zach was getting ready with a spider crawling on me…talk about panic and a very large pregnant mama moving fast… good night. not exactly the way i wanted to wake up this morning!! bleeeeh. egh. moving on. ok, but seriously, that’s disgusting. i can’t stop making noises.. yuck.

this weekend should be a super fun one, but really because we’re running in a bunch of different directions! i’m super pumped to be helping out with a local mom’s event tomorrow put on by the dayton moms blog and the girls have a ton of plans with people who love them so!

before we hit the ‘go’ button for the day, i wanted to stop by and highlight some things that are making me smile this week… i’ve been an emotional happy teary mess lately {just ask zach} and there are so many things that are making my heart swell…. from little mundane everyday things to big milestones, i hope you join in the fun and tell me something that is making you smile this week!
the simple things
as we’re counting down the days, my mama heart is trying to soak up every single second of the girls who made me mama first. they are SO fun right now, absolutely love life, exploring and each other. they have the highest of highs and i’m seriously in awe every time i watch them play.  the simple things like blowing flowers becomes magical and i’m reminded how complicated we make life. i’m so thankful for moments like these that remind me again how beautiful life is and for friends like megan {megan and joy photography} to capture these sweet moments…and can we talk about these little jumpsuits?! good night…more to come on those later!

hand-picked flowers
if you’ve been around at all, you know the girls LOVE their golf cart rides with their daddy and the other day they came home to surprise me with these beautiful flowers they had picked for me.  they were so proud of themselves until they ratted out that daddy really picked them, but…they were so proud to be handing them to me.  does it get any better??

sunshine + summertime
another favorite in this house is trucks… i absolutely love the fact that i have two little girls who love to be outside, get messy, and play.  whether it’s because they have all boy cousins or i just have let them explore and be interested in whatever their heart desires, lila especially has a love for big trucks {and tractors}.  their cousins had given them the coolest truck for their birthday and they have had SO MUCH FUN playing with it…non-stop. from putting rocks, sand and dirt in it to push around… to pushing each other, they just are soaking up every ounce of summer time. we’re outside every chance we get and these big girls make my heart explode…

watermelon popsicles
if you missed this little video on instagram the other day, these little ladies were thoroughly enjoying frozen watermelon popsicles i had made! super excited about this pinterest find because we’ll be using it alllll summer. cut in triangles and stuck with a popsicle stick, how much healthier can you get?! 84 and sunny…bring it on summer, i am SO ready for you!!

companies with a cause
caaaan we talk for a second about this bump. ha. and it’s a week bigger now! what you may also notice is that beautiful bracelet i’ve fallen in love with. ‘trust in the Lord with all your heart…” i need this reminder on a daily bracelet and was so excited when good works makes a difference contacted me to choose a piece of jewelry.  i was immediately drawn to this bracelet and when megan and joy photography snapped this shot last week, i just was a puddle.  the only thing made it better was when i learned more about good works and how they donate 25% of net profits to charitable contributions…how cool is that?! i never dreamed we’d be pregnant again let alone with a precious, healthy baby BOY. i’m loving every second {i could use a litttttle more sleep, but. details.} of having him safely inside of me..

i hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with fun and rest… what’s one thing that’s making you smile this week?!

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4 thoughts on “friday favs #51

  1. Those water melon popsicles are so cute! its finally nice here as well, like full on summer, although it supposed to get back to this fall like weather for the next week. Take care! Enjoy the time before the baby comes!

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