friday favs | toddler edition

i can’t even believe how big these sweetpeas are getting! watching them grow and develop into the little people they are is just incredible.  they are so into playing these days and watching their gross motor and communication skills blossom has me giddy inside as i check off each new skill they acquire! {i may or may not have made data sheets…#behavioranalystproblems} check out our go-tos and see what we’re loving here lately! don’t forget to play along in the comments section!

15 month favorites-2

e.z. p.z. mini-mats: these mats are seriously everything. the perfect size for their high chairs, they can’t get them up to throw them on the floor since they suction to the tray. the perfect serving sizes for their fruits, veggies and main meals…and bonus, they’re cute.  love love love these things!!
360 cup: i wish i had 100 of these!! they’re genius and the girls carry them evvverywhere. they love to drink out of them and i find them drinking more liquids out of these than any other cup we own.  dishwasher safe and call it good! my only wish was that i found them sooner!
vtech sit-to-stand smart cruiser toy: while i don’t have this at our house, it is easily one of the girls’ favorite toys these days.  they haven’t quite got the hang of cruising on it {although it’s hilarious to watch them try}, they love to be pushed on it and stand /bounce on it. piper is obsessed with the buttons and they love love to climb on and off. and on. and off. and on. and off…. on repeat.
bows: missmagpieoriginals + My Petite Lemon: heavens, guys. the bows. give me all the bows. if there’s one thing i love more than little girl bows, it’s finding sweet, sweet mamas behind these beautiful bows!! if you follow me on IG {l_cline87}, you’ve seen us rockin some pretty adorable bows and lately, we’ve even been rockin the piggies!! i’m so thankful to have found such talented + kind women who are killing it making these beauties… if you have little girls…or know someone who has little girls, do yourself a favor and pop over to these sweet little shops and grab yourself one! or twelve!
mama said tees: i don’t know a better way to follow up the previous item than with this. this tee. it’s everything. and colleen + colleen’s mission to spread kindness is even more amazing.  you’ve seen me go on and on about their amazing shop before and for good reason. read about them here and then put every item on your christmas list. it’s never too early!
golden hill design: guys, it’s still on the favs. if i haven’t convinced you by now that we live in these, i’m not sure what will! they are worth every penny you spend and because of their stretchiness and quality, they will last forever. well, in baby time, forever. 🙂
shape sorter: i was shocked the first time i sat on the floor with the girls and they sat for a good 15 minutes practicing putting the shapes in each place. now watching lila grab it off the shelf, carry it over to me, all the while saying, ‘ma, ma, ma, ma, oooooo’ ‘ooooo’ for ‘mama, open’ is absolutely hilarious and i have got to get it on video some time. they love it. i love it…win. win. win.
balls: one of our very first balls. these chicas can’t get enough and literally can spot a ball from across the room, hidden under 12 different things. i love these, especially for the different textures and input it gives them as they mouth them like crazy. while these aren’t the specific ones we have, they’re close!
little people barn: this was a gift the girls got for their birthday and they l o v e playing with it! they’re really big into animal sounds these days and love opening the gate to hear each sound.  to lila, every animal is a cow and says moo, but piper’s got a duck “ack”, cow “moooo”, and cat “maow’ down. absolutely hilarious watching them give lovins to the animals!
the first years stacking cups: for as simple as these are, they are so perfect for where the girls are right now.  banging. stacking. nesting. colors. counting. both girls are really good at nesting the cups and fitting them together.

question any good weekend plans going on?!?




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4 thoughts on “friday favs | toddler edition

  1. The stacking/nesting cups will be a long-lasting favorite toy. My twin boys are 2.5 years old and they still use theirs more than any other toy we own. They put other toys in them and carry them around. They walk on top of them like little stone walkways. They stack them. They spin them like a top. It is amazing what a 2.5 year old can do with those. Make sure you keep them a long while.

    1. Oh, so good to know!! I love finding toys that will last longer than a couple months 🙂

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