blog update | fueling mamahood

good morning and happy tuesday!!
do you notice anything different around here?!

welcome to our new and improved little corner of cyberspace…

fueling mamahood

fueling mamahood

we are very much on the brink of outgrowing our blog name ‘twin peeks’ with baby miller coming and while i loved it, we just needed something that would could withstand the test of time.  you will continue to see some new little happenings here and there with design, layouts and colors, but this was definitely the biggest step!

we are officially over here at our new URL {} but i’m sure as time goes on, i’m going have some kinks to work out.  i would so appreciate your patience and if there is anything you want to see {or don’t want to see!} changed, please let me know!! same for if something isn’t working right for you, i want to know so i can fix it!

i’m hoping to get my email switched over today, so when you get a new email from fueling mamahood…now you know where it’s coming from!! if you haven’t received anything by friday, let me know and i’ll make sure your in the loop if you want to be!

there will be so much more information to come for all of my blogging friends out there, but for now, i have to give a HUGE shoutout to Madison over at Grace + Vine Studios who is the designer behind our new look.  she is so incredibly talented and i must say, quite possibly the most patient person to walk this earth.  i have absolutely zero clue what i’m doing when it comes to design, web design, codes and url’s and she has absolutely nailed everything i was looking for.  we’ve spent the last couple of months communicating and beyond her professionalism and talent, she is kind and the sweetest little mama too. i honestly couldn’t recommend her services enough! again, more to come on that later!

i hope you love it as much as i do! again, it’s not entirely finished, but i’m super excited for our new change!

as always, thanks for hanging around for all of our crazy adventures!



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