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happy monday, friends!! i hope you had such a wonderful weekend…we sure did!
the whole weekend was full of goofiness, laughter, and love. i just can’t get over how much fun life is right now and every day i get more and more excited for christmas to come!! kiddos during the holidays is absolutely the most joyous (and sometimes crazy) experience…
i had so much fun putting the girls’ ‘wishlist’ together this year because we’re finally into ‘big kid toys’ and each and every new thing is so much excitement. as the girls have grown, it’s amazing to see their little personalities come out and see the differences shine. they love so many different things. piper loves elmo, lila loves trucks. they both love books, but piper’s favorites are good night moon and anything animals, while lila’s is little blue truck and her bible.
i definitely put some big items on our list this year… and hoping santa reads our list!!…this is only if all of our grandmas/grandpas, mammaws/pappaws, grammies/grampies have left much for santa this year.
if you are looking for ideas for him or her {or you!}, make sure you check them out!


duplo trucks
or lila.. this sweet girl is into anything she can push, pull, and go, ‘beep beep!’. super excited to graduate into some smaller legos and build, build build!

love2learn elmo
nd this is ducky’s big one.. an elmo probably bigger than she.. i actually snagged a great deal on this one and absolutely can’t wait for her to open it up.. a video will be coming!

table + chairs
these two ladies have figured out how to climb their way onto our kitchen chairs and while i’m loving their skills… we’ve also found one {or both} children on the tables or with bonked noggins. it’s time they get their own little table and chairs to build, play, + craft!

watercolor paint
peaking of crafting.. it’s time to branch out from our play-doh-ing and i found this giant pack of water colors! how perfect for tiny toddler hands learning how to paint! crazy, maybe.. i think it’ll be fun!

ams are always a need in our house and how cute are these?! i just can’t get enough of toddling feet running through our halls in tiny jams.. for sure a must for every list!

tent, tunnel + ballpit
he girls got to play with one of these at a friends house and oh my gosh. SO much fun.. lila had a mild panic attack with the amount of balls {in the best way} and piper thought she was hilarious playing peek-a-boo in the tent!

art easel
gain. crazy? maybe. i’ve been on the hunt for the perfect easel and i think i found the exact one i had in mind! i love the baskets underneath and obviously need two sides {who wants to bet they’ll fight for the same side..}.. then check out the price!! not bad for a wooden easel! woo!

little people doll house
‘ve mentioned a million times how i wanted to get the girls a doll house for the girls… they love babies, piper loves any ‘little’ anything with a face but i wasn’t sure they were quite ready for a wooden big kid doll house. we have the little people barn they LOVE and play with all the time, and when we found this doll house… goodness!! everything makes so many fun noises, i think this will be such a huge hit!!

wooden play kitchen
nother item i’ve said i’ve wanted for awhile! they love playing with their cousins kitchen and i trip on someone daily in the kitchen because they want to ‘help’… time for their own little kitchen!! one of my favorite areas when i was in the classroom and i’m so excited to pretend and bake all sorts of goodies!!

goldenhill onesies
f you have been around here for any length of time you know my obsession. i just can’t get enough and there are soo many cute colors!! now that we’re into colder weather, we’re layering like crazy and these are the perfect onesies to wear under tees…or the most perfect little leotards for tumbling class!

suttersisters moccs
he girls are almost officially out of their original moccs and these are by far my favorite moccs out there! the sweet gal behind this shop will even make them to fit ducky’s braces…so MATCHING moccs for my two!!! can i get an amen?!?!?

the riley hat
ur two goofs are finally keeping hats on and we wear them on the daily…how stinking adorable is this riley hat from sweet eloise designs?! you remember their slouchy hats from our photo shoot..and i’m obsessed. they’re so so so cute..this adorable other one is for sure on our christmas list!

so what about you?! what’s on your little’s christmas list?!




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  1. Dane just got the ball pit/tent/tunnel from Nana!! He loves it! Not sure how much I love it. Lol. It takes up so much room!!

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