maternity photoshoot | big sisters

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sitting at almost 37 weeks and capturing moments like these has become one of my most treasured parts of this pregnancy.  i’m beyond emotional + sappy and one of the biggest transitions in my head has been that these two will be big sisters. i couldn’t be more proud of them and watching them become these dynamic, BIG personalities that they are…it just makes my heart swell infinite amounts.
part of me is really struggling that they won’t be my babies anymore and the other part leaps every time i get a glimpse of just how much love they already have for their baby brother.

my sweet little girls, you are the epitome of precious and i am loving soaking up every last day with you before you become big sisters.

you girls will always be my babies, the ones who made me ‘mama’ and i will forever cherish everything you are. my love for you grows deeper by the day and i never knew what the love of a mother meant until i laid my eyes on you.

we’ll patiently await your arrival, baby miller… we’re anxiously dreaming about holding and loving on you and those sweet cheeks.

**a ginormous thank you to bill stone photogoraphy for capturing these sweet moments with my girls**

gown {non-maternity} + necklace: shop smitten
earrings c/o: nickel & suede
lila + piper:
dresses c/o: lenny lemons

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13 thoughts on “maternity photoshoot | big sisters

  1. What cute pictures of you and your babies. It’s precious. Enjoy these moments because before you know it baby 3 will be here and everything will change 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, these came out beautifully and I know you will treasure these photos. Incredible moments in time! ?????????

  3. Lindsey! I know you don’t feel it because the end of pregnancy is always the worst but you look AMAZING!!! and I really hope your feeling amazing too. it looks like you just shoved a big ball under your dress! these photos turned out beautiful and your girls are going to the be the best big sisters ever <3
    sending your brain calming vibes and your uterus contracting vibes toward the end of this pregnancy!

  4. Beautiful! This are such precious pictures of you and your girls.

  5. Your photos turned out so beautiful! Congrats on your newest little one!

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