meal planning monday #2

good morning, beautiful!

^that picture^ hilarious. they have inside jokes already and i’m constantly the third wheel these days…too much fun for this mama’s heart.

did you have a good weekend?! anything amazing?
i’m rubbing the sleepies out of my eyes this weekend after an awesome, awesome weekend!

friday i took the girls over to my best girl’s house for dinner and catching up.  i had never had p.f. changs frozen meals before and they are delish!! don’t worry, i’ll be adding it to our weekly meal planning every once in awhile!

saturday wound up being busier than originally planned but we packed lots in there…
after a tornado came through our house {dogs throwing up, two toddelers extremely intrigued by that process and the aftermath.. you get the point}, i tried to get out of my house as fast as possible to the learning tree farm! if you are local and you haven’t checked them out…seriously you are missing out.  they are opening a new preschool and were having the grand opening, so i needed to see what they had done! my heart for preschool skipped a beat and i’m so excited for the community and kiddos who get to attend.
after checking that out we went to mammaw and pappaw’s house for lunch and playing before heading home for naps. when the girls got up, we threw them in the car and headed over to aunt ebby’s house for a play date while mommy and daddy enjoyed dinner + drinks at an optimist party!
14021684_10209143566299681_6299614061111340611_ncheck out all of the fun that aunt ebby and uncle bunny had with them!! so much fun, such creativity… i never thought twice about if the girls would have fun but when we walked in, they were so excited to show off the cool new toys!!

IMG_4273sunday was a much needed daddy day for the girls and day off for me as a mama.  zach had a blast playing with the girls and they got some more mammaw and pappaw time which is always fun.
i was treated to a day at kings island and boat time!! my stepdad and i rarely ever get time to spend just chatting, so we took the opportunity to hang and play!! i thought kings island would be packed with it being one of the last days it was open, but we literally walked on almost every roller coaster and literally waited longer for a beer than almost every ride we attempted.  our fav?! the diamondback!

it was a super fun weekend…we, of course, packed in as much as humanly possible and i’m now trying to get my act together!!

i got such great feedback from people who loved the meal planning, so as promised, i would let you know what we were eating this week!

i’ll be honest, i haven’t thought about this week’s dinners until i sat down to write this, so it’s a compilation of all of my favorite blogger’s meals!!

i clearly also didn’t take the time to measure containers and make sure this was super 21DF ready, so if you’re interested, make sure you use your containers!

photo source:

easy lemon dill salmon from peanut butter fingers
this was the first blog i followed a couple of years ago and julie is still my go to when i need a good recipe or workout! bonus, her family is like the cutest thing ever! make sure to browse over there and find some good workouts who you’re at it 🙂

photo source:

one pan mexican quinoa from damn delicious
i stumbled upon chungah and her beautiful blog from pinterest and absolutely LOVE the recipes that i find! this has easily been one of my go-tos over the last year and it just doesn’t get old! yum yum yum.

we have a company party for my family’s business so we won’t be eating dinner at home!

photo source:
photo source:

honey mustard chicken bacon + avocado salad from cafe delights
i love salads, but always have a hard time making them as delicious as in the restaurants. i’m so super excited to try this yummy recipe from karina… it looks amazing, and only 5 ingredients for the dressing??  i feel like i won’t mess it up! plus, the salad is packed with veggies, protein and flavor… yum, yum yum!!

p.f. chang’s frozen meals!
we’ll be enjoying the sweet + sour chicken and the beef with broccoli!! yummm! {find in your grocer’s frozen entree aisle!}

question: did you try a recipe from last week?! what was your favorite?!

have a fantastic week!



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  1. Uncle Bunny and I had a spectacular time with your angels! TY for sharing the pics too! LU guys! ?

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