memory lane | throwback thursday

good morning, and happy thursday!

it’s 7am and i’m already on my second cup of coffee. and may be already thinking about my third. don’t judge.

anyways, if you haven’t seen it already, make sure you pop on over to monday’s post and make sure you enter the giveaway from Hello Fresh! i’m so excited, i can hardly stand it…and you all are finding some delicious recipes!!
good luck!!

i got on a kick last night looking at old pictures and good night we have come a long way.

so many emotions…
mainly flashbacks from the pure exhaustion…
but look at these sweet little moments.

FullSizeRender-7i wasn’t sure i would ever survive, but i can honestly say i also didn’t know how it could ever get better. (other than a full night of sleep…that would have been fantastic).
but those teeny hands.
preemie clothes and diapers that didn’t fit because they were way too big.
when they would do anything to touch each other.
all that sass even that tiny!!
tandem breastfeeding.
those snuggles…
oh those snuggles.

a little walk down memory lane…

FullSizeRender-6hands down, my most favorite thing in the world is being a mama to twins.
it is the hardest, most incredible thing i have ever done.
watching them grow together, and now giving sissy lovins every chance they get. my cup runneth over!






FullSizeRenderthanks for walking down memory lane with me… it’s certainly been a fun ride!

have a wonderful day and stay tuned tomorrow to see if you won! 🙂

question: what’s your favorite memory when your kids (or nieces/nephews?!) were little?




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One thought on “memory lane | throwback thursday

  1. ……And because of all the extra/protective steps you took they have thrived. Thanks for reminding us of the journey! ???

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