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mills is almost 7 weeks old and good night, time is flying!! `this whole second/third child…whatever he is… thing makes time disappear right before my eyes. having two toddlers to chase after, we’re constantly on the go and i’m soaking up my newborn snuggles late at night before bed time and early in the morning before our crazy crew wakes up. luckily our sweet boy is still as easy as they come.. he’s even sleeping 7-9 hours at night and falling right into the swing of our schedule. now if only i could get the girls to sleep through the night and get to bed at a decent time.. i’ll keep dreaming! life with a newborn this time around has been a breeze, and here’s the things we’re using on repeat this time around!

for baby

to sleep

if you read the ultimate sleep guide for newborns, you’ve seen all three of these… but there here again for good reason. i’ll say it for probably the 10millionth time, i don’t know how i survived twins without them!

swaddle blankets by swaddled babe
i use these blankets for literally everything.  nursing cover, swaddle blanket, play mat, burp cloth… gone are the days that i have one of everything because let’s be real. i have enough toddler stuff to fill a diaper bag, i just don’t have room for one of everything for a baby.  luckily, adorable + affordable items like these make life that much easier.  i have my eye on about every print for upcoming showers!!
**hurry on over because these blankets are $10 for only a couple more days!! use code Mamahood10 until the end of july {and free shipping for $30+!!**}

this is in the ‘sleep’ category, but really could go in the ‘play’ or ‘mama’ section because i use it for evvvverything. when traveling, we’ve used it on the dock, on a boat, on a kitchen table when trying to get dinner ready {all supervised of course} and then obviously to sleep in.  i will note that if you sleep with a partner, it has been my experience you must have a king sized bed for this to work.  while traveling, we had a full size bed and the 3 of us didn’t fit in bed together, so we had to improvise…aka zach slept on the couch bless his heart. i still use it enough to validate the cost throughout the day, but something to think about when purchasing! it’s just amazing and did i mention that this sweet boy is sleeping 7-9 hours at night?!

swaddleUp by love to dream
to be completely honest, i think i have this swaddle to thank for most of miller’s sleeping habits.. i have learned to only put mills in this at night time because if i stick him in it during the day, he will sleep too long and then wind up wanting an extra feed or two through the night.  as i sit here and think about it, i had to wash it last night and guess who woke up an extra time to eat?? hmmm… yep, this deserves 12 spots on this list.

to wear

freshly picked
i’m obsessed with baby shoes and the number one problem i have is finding ones that stay on those teeny new feet!! i discovered the magic of moccs right when they were learning to stand with the girls and i’m SO excited to now have baby boy options too!! how stinking adorable are these itty bitty baby shoes?! they’re even on prime if you need them stat 😉

june + january and golden hill design
as a girl mama, who was {am} a litttttle obsessed with the bows, i had a hard time getting into baby boy fashion… no more, friends, no more. i’m pretty basic when it comes to our little man and really have a thing for simple items. but these little tank shorties from june + january are stinking adorable. i also can’t get enough of these muscle tanks from golden hill..the same company that has the bodysuits the girls live in…yep, there’s muscle tanks!! just as perfect for the summer heat and layering…better believe we’ll be living in it!

ryan + rose
the girls were done with the pacifier by 3 months and we were in isolation that whole time, so we never really had a problem with losing the pacifier. with four little hands now running the house, i’m constantly in search of miller’s pacifier…not that they ever rip it out of his mouth or anything. ugh.
moving on. these cutie clips from ryan + rose are perfect for keeping his paci attached and..might i add, the perfect little accessory?! so many on sale..check em out!

to eat

soothie pacifier
these pacifiers are the ones that the hospital uses and we have quite the collection from when the girls were in NICU.  i finally found a pacifier clip to work with them {see above!} and they hold up well. dishwasher safe and they have even held up to the girls chewing on them despite my best efforts. according to the NICU nurses, these are the kind used to promote breastfeeding too {rather than the ones with the flat head}. and they’re fairly cheap on amazon! woo woo!

‘m a sucker for anything monochromatic these days and these boppy covers are no different.  these first few weeks of nursing are spent really practicing and getting solid at those feeding times.  it takes some effort to sit down and nurse, but it totally pays off because we’re almost to the point that i can be running around and getting lunches ready while he stays latched on!

nipple shield
i so wish this didn’t have to be on the list, but, real life… we’re slowly starting to transition away, but i need to make an appointment with the lactation consultant again. mills has a tough time using the soft palette so he tends to smash my nipple. way more info than needed, but… it can be really frustrating when it seems like everyone has such an easy time breastfeeding… and i don’t. we’ll get there and we’re still practicing.

to play

noggin stik
a very sweet friend stopped by a couple of weeks ago with this adorable rattle and it’s become a fan favorite in our household!! mills has started really being able to track people and objects and this holds his attention perfectly! the girls love to wave it in front of his face and watch it change colors too.. so much fun for all! it’s still hard plastic, so while he has started batting at toys and holding on to different things, i wouldn’t put this in his hands quite yet because he’ll bash his face.

lil’ sprout soft rattle 
we have a different animal {zebra} but this sweet little toy is perfect because it’s soft and mills loves to listen to the little rattle. it’s the perfect little baby toy for a shower gift. the girls have accidentally bonked him a time or two on the noggin with this one…thank goodness it’s so soft!!

for mama

ya’ll know my love for pink blush maternity clothes and non-maternity as well. with this summer heat, i’ve been able to find trendy online boutique clothing perfect for dressing this postpartum bod. from casual to dressy, i never have a problem filling my cart with about 30 items before having to empty it so zach doesn’t disown me!

lily jade
i got so many questions after monday’s post about my diaper bag, and i promise a full post is coming, but for starters…yes, i am IN LOVE with my diaper bag. i wish i had it when the girls were teeny but am so thankful to my mama for getting it for me for christmas!! the backpack feature is a must-have for any mama on the go and with multiple children. it has enough space without turning into a suitcase and the soaps stay put. it’s held up beautifully and still looks brand new..and i promise it’s been used hard.

solly baby wrap
babywearing for the win.. it’s basically how i function if we’re out and about or even running around the house when i’m by myself. mills is so relax and chill and really, i can just put him down whenever and he’s fine, but. i love the bonding aspect that comes with wearing him, and bonus, keeping him upright after feedings eliminates almost all of the spit up! i have ring slings, an ergo and a moby, but i LOVE how lightweight the solly is.  i’m still practicing and getting used to it, but i’ve loved it so far!

alright, mama’s! what’s your must-have items for those newborn babes?! 

a special thank you to swaddled babe, dockAtot, love to dream, freshly picked and pinkblush for providing products for review! while these products were provided, these opinions are 100% my own and i truly believe in these companies and their products.  as always, i appreciate your support!
Some affiliate links may be included and, as always, i truly appreciate your support.

shirt c/o | pinkblush
shorts | stitch fix
hat | target {old}

onesie | june + january
pacifier | soothie pacifier 
pacifier clip | ryan + rose 
moccs c/o | freshly picked

throw c/o | coco + kiwi
diaper bag | lily jade
teepee swaddle blanket c/o | swaddled babe 
dockAtot c/o | dockAtot 

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  1. Such cute items! I couldn’t liveee without our boppy pillows, seriously used them so many times a day, everyday for so long!

  2. We had the Dockatot with my second and it was a total dream! I had a Moby Wrap which was similar to the solly and it was a huge lifesaver having two under two!

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