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well, i’ve made it 11 weeks and can officially say i’ve survived another newborn… let’s be honest, miller has been an absolute breeze, but that is obviously in comparison to twin preemies, so he had quite the advantage! i’ve learned a lot about myself and postpartum care and feel like we’re finally starting to get somewhat into a routine.
here are the postpartum essentials that have helped me along the way!

stroller strides – fit4mom south dayton
at 8 weeks postpartum, i got the clear to start working out again.. while i wasn’t going to start anything with super high intensity, i was eager to get back in the game. i had been to a stroller strides class when i was about 38 weeks pregnant and fell in love… i couldn’t wait to get back! it’s been a little touch and go because sickness has plagued our house, but it’s been the perfect workouts to get back into the swing of things. i started by only taking miller in a single stroller until zach went back to work..but now that i have all 3 kids, we’re all piling to class! it’s still a work in progress, but for now, i have the girls in a double stroller and am carrying mills in the car seat. the girls are distracted by songs, bubbles and puppets… and i’m getting my tush kicked by the different stations! our instructor, meagan, is a beast and super encouraging for both mama’s and the wee ones. they even have mom’s night out, playgroups with crafts/games and play time after the workout… huge hit for mama + baby{s}.
**disclosure: i received free stroller strides classes in exchange for my honest review and opinion.**

nursing bra
i definitely did not understand the importance of a good nursing bra when the girls were little and wore some pretty cheap ones that just weren’t comfortable. they wound up biting the dust pretty early so i wound up getting one decent one that held up okay. this time around, i did more research and found this luxury one that i’m LOVING. i got two of these that don’t have the padding with a racerback and then two of these for sleeping in… i use them all and i’ll tell ya, there is something to be said for a quality nursing bra.

water bottle
water is hands down the most important part of establishing and maintaining your milk supply, aside from lots and lots of breastfeeding! even now, whenever miller is eating every 2.5-3 hours and is starving, i can look at my water intake and realize it hasn’t been great. one of the ways i have been keeping up with my supply is to keep my water bottle handy and just keep refilling! i aim for a gallon per day…and yes, i pee 829 times per day!

medical grade girdle – bellefit
after two c-sections, i finally learned that the best way to heal those first few weeks is to wear your binder {girdle} and to get up and move.. literally the second i got back into my room, i was negotiating with my nurses to go see mill’s in NICU and continued to get up and move as much as i could. you obviously need to follow the care of your healthcare provider, but get. up. and. move. after having major abdominal surgery…and you know, having a baby, it basically feels like your insides will fall out every time you move for a bit, but a binder helps signifcantly. when bellefit reached out to try their medical grade binder, i quickly agreed and was SO glad i did. i wore my girdle for the first 9 weeks 24/7, only taking it off to wash in the laundry + to shower. not only did it help in terms of shape wear, but also helped with back pain, posture, and abdominal healing. for reference, i started with a large for the first two weeks then moved into a medium. i could move into a small now to continue healing while i get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight… it’s important to follow the guide for fitting instructions and if you have any questions, their customer service is fantastic and super helpful!
**fueling mamahood readers can use the code LINDSEY20 for $20 off your purchase!

BAMBOOBIES disposable nursing pads
for whatever reason, i am super sensitive to nursing pads and had a horrible time finding a brand that i liked..they always seemed itchy and uncomfortable or led to an irritation. i finally found these disposable pads that are so soft, i couldn’t believe they were disposable. i typically only use these for the first 2 months and then don’t usually need them after that, but trust me on this one…your nipples will thank me!

healthy snacks
it’s so easy with a newborn in the house to forget to take care of YOU, but i promise, now more than ever, you need to make sure your taking the time to eat healthy.  now with 3 little ones, i’m stocking up on things i can grab and eat on the go…packs of nuts, luna bars, shakeology… a friend even made me lactation energy bites i’ve been snacking on! whatever you like, stock up and make sure your keeping up with the calories you need from those healthy fats, proteins and calories!

you know i love hearing from you, so tell me, what’s your #1 postpartum must-have?!?!


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10 thoughts on “postpartum essentials | mama

  1. Totally agree with having a water bottle. Life just gets crazier the more kids you have and it gets really difficult to remember to drink water throughout the day. Having a water bottle handy really helps me. 🙂

  2. Yes! Postpartum is no joke! I think all of these are really helpful! I would also add a huge water bottle nearby, but I agree with all the things you added! I found it difficult to find a really great nursing bra, so that’s on my list for our next kid!

  3. Yes love this! Healthy snacks were sure the most important thing for me, I felt like I was starving constantly. Also, I’m so jealous that you only need nursing pads for about two months! I literally have been wearing them for a year and a half! (started leaking in the first trimester ugh)

  4. Great ideas! I loved having water and snacks available. Energy levels take awhile to get back- especially if you aren’t getting regular sleep! 🙂

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