staycation 2016

good morning, monday!!
we’ve been a little m.i.a last week soaking up our last days of summer.  i just kissed my bestest partner in crime goodbye for his first day of school…all three of his girls are sure going to miss him, but his kiddos will be so excited to see him!! it is certainly easy to get used to having a second pair of hands around!

we’re coming off of a super super fun week, vacationing here at home and had a b.l.a.s.t..
our trip to north carolina was cancelled, so as a family (christine, mark and the boys, grammie and grampie + us four), we made plans to stay busy each day, exploring the greater dayton/cincinnati area.

to stay on track with naps and sleeping schedules (because we just don’t function without our solid sleeping), we made sure to follow each busy day out with a day spent at the pool which paid off.

 if you follow me on IG {l_cline87} you’ve seen sneak peaks of our days, but what did we do?!

pool day + sprinkler fun


IMG_3221-1the girls weren’t too sure about this sprinkler business but the adults had a blast!! we even enjoyed a dinner with just adults which is always a nice treat!

cincinnati zoo




these sissy kisses are absolutely h i l a r i o u s and are happening all the tiiiime.  they love to kiss each other and we’re constantly hearing, ‘mwah!’ from piper as they lean in for a smooch!
the kids + adults all had so so much fun at the zoo!! while we have passes, it was the first time zach has gotten to come with us and with the boys!! we pet a snake, some cockroaches… earlier this summer i wasn’t sure how much the girls would be into the zoo, but man they LOVE it!! every exhibit, lila is pointing her little finger at every animal she can see.  they loved the giraffe and elephants the most!!

watermelon breakfast picnic + pool day + splash padFullSizeRender



13912586_3659349209098_8274035084047157808_nwe started out with a watermelon breakfast picnic and who doesn’t love watermelon?! after morning nap we piled in to go to one of the local splash pad/parks, ran the yard and then headed back for an afternoon nap + more pool time.  again, the sissy kisses. i’ll never get enough of these!

cincinnati children’s museum



IMG_3611what an adventure!! if you have never been and are local, you have GOT to take your kiddos!! there is something for every age (even down to tummy time for the itty bitty babes! all four of our kiddos played until they crashed… water table i think was everyone’s top fave!!

pool day + gymnastics
apparently i didn’t bring my phone out, but here’s the cutest piggies you’ve ever seen!

bike ride + adult night out

fun + food + family

we absolutely couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful week and we certainly ended summer with a bang!

question: have you ever staycationed?? what was the most fun thing you did?!



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2 thoughts on “staycation 2016

  1. I’m so hap?bee for all of you, a week of new memories! We rarely staycaction, but we have one coming up. We like to hike every morning and reconnect with folks we don’t see often for lunch dates. I’m hoping Bunny and I can spend an afternoon with you and the girls one day too! ?

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