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happy friday!!
i gotta say, i’m WAY excited for the weekend…if you tuned in for my mama confessions, you know it’s been a disastrous week…so mainly i’m excited to have some adult company over here. top it off with piper bringing me my coffee yesterday {i don’t ever have it by my computer when the kids are around…} and, god bless her, she tripped and guess where the coffee landed? yep. right on my computer. i have no idea how it didn’t fry, but. i’m sitting here having to hit the space button twice for it to space…so pardon any typos you see today… any dayton friends know where i can take my macbook for a cleaning?! furthermore…i thought we were in the clear yesterday after making it 24 hours without any puke….and then i set dinner down on the table and of course, ducky throws up her bar, lone chicken nugget + yogurt that she clearly had not digested. right as mammaw {zach’s mom} walked in the door to watch the kids for us so we could go to separate meetings. luckily, she had a good night’s sleep but judging by her behavior this morning, i’m not convinced we’re truly on the mend yet.

.a n y w a y s.
i had other plans for today..then here we are and i needed a mental break so i thought it would be fun to recap the top 10 blog posts from 2017!
last year was the first year i took blogging seriously…and by seriously, i mean i had a plan, made a content calendar and made the leap to turn this into a business. it’s been so fun to see it grow and more importantly to me, build relationships + community in this little space. i truly value every single person who stops by to read and it’s been the most encouraging journey to connect with so many people, near and far.

if you ever have a suggestion or would love to see a certain type of post, topic, or have a question you’d like answered, just let me know! those tend to be some of my favorite posts and usually wind up connecting with WAY more people than i imagined!

miller’s birth story | 6.9.17 {part 1} AND {part 2}

no surprise here, our little man’s arrival was the highlight of the year! although we didn’t get the VBAC we had hoped, we welcomed our sweet miller into the world. SO much love + easily two of my favorite posts of the year… i was so incredibly thankful to have amanda d photography there to document it all.


donuts + jammies | lila + piper’s 2nd birthday party

we had the best time celebrating the girls’ 2nd birthday with a DONUT PARTY! pinterest loved this one and for good reason.. it all came together perfectly with the help of dunkin!


potty party | toilet training twins in 3 days

phew this one was a doozy but we made it!!  we toilet trained the girls in 3 days and lived to tell about it! it actually wasn’t bad and they did great! i basically spelled every tiny detail out and then even did a follow up post here with tips + tricks!


friday favs #47 | 2nd trimester essentials

this one is still one of my highest performing posts thanks to pinterest! i was so blessed to have megan and joy photography captured this ginormous bump while i prepped for miller’s arrival. i shared everything that was going in my hospital bag + minimalist checklist for packing!


36 weeks + waiting on baby miller

this was such a fun little reveal of of miller’s nursery…zach’s dad made the most beautiful crib while zach created the wood pallet wall i’ve always dreamed of. the whole nursery was complete with the most beautiful hand-painted name sign from sawdust + sunshine co.…my dream nursery and still my favorite room in our house!


bump style with stitch fix | maternity reveal

stitch fix nailed it with my maternity fix and i think so many people were shocked to see that stitch fix offered maternity clothes!! i still get use out of some of these items and it was one of my favs! {if you’re still on the fence…you have a couple more days to schedule your fix with a waived styling fee!!}


the ultimate sleep guide for newborns

the never ending quest for sleep with a newborn… we nailed it with mills and i can confidently say that looking back, the dockAtot and the love to dream swaddle UP {and the transition swaddle} are by far my MUST HAVES for newborn sleep. mills is now sleeping in his crib with a sleep sack and falls asleep independently and i seriously owe it to our good sleep habits this time around. we co-slept with mills until he was 6 months old and then transitioned him to his crib fairly seamlessly. we still use his dock when we travel and even for naps because lila will sleep in his crib {twin probs}…so we still get good use out of it…easily one of my top two baby products i wish i had when the girls were little.


little mister {or} little sister | gender reveal

the girls were clearly not sure what to think about all this but we had a blast finding out that we were adding a little brother to the mix!!


piper update | cerebral palsy

this was one of the toughest for me last year… and yet it was also a huge weight off my shoulders as we started to get some answers we had been searching for. everyone’s love and support meant the world to us as we shared a piece of our heart.


the truth about birth photography | amanda d photography

this was SUCH a fun post for me… never in my life did i think i’d have a stranger in the room with zach + i taking pictures of the most vulnerable and emotional days of our lives…and i can’t tell you how thankful i was that i had amanda d photography. trust me guys, it’s worth every penny!!

i absolutely love reflecting back over the last year and seeing all the memories. it’s been a crazy amazing year and i can’t thank you enough for joining me on the journey!!

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