a weekend away | lake toxaway

welp, we are BACK! if you followed along in my instastories, you saw we were having some fun for an adults weekend away for the weekend {with mills tagging along} down at lake toxaway, north carolina!! and we had an absolute BLAST.

man alive, i missed our crazy girlies more than i can express, but it was such a needed weekend away.
we started an adults-only trip last year with our friends we met through bible study…who we started just doing life with. in a matter of 5 years since becoming friends, we gained 9 kids and between all of us have gone through the crazy ups + downs of life together.
my stepdad has a house down on lake toxaway in north carolina that we take family vacas to, which also now houses our friends vaca in the fall…and it couldn’t be any more perfect.

12 of us schedule out a whole weekend to unplug, relax and do a whole bunch of nothing.
laughing. eating. playing. boating. sleeping. and a whoooole lotta coffee.

this year was really pretty warm, we actually got in the water multiple times to tube, canoe and even discover a water slide… way too much fun, as if that’s a thing. we even ran out of gas and had to be towed…

we waited to see how miller was as a baby, but when we discovered that he literally was the easiest baby on the planet, everyone agreed we should bring him and come.

with mills along for the ride, it was really, really nice to get so much 1:1 time snuggling and loving on our little guy…and everyone got their baby fix! he was nothing but smiles the whole weekend and loved the boat…minus the life jacket.

meanwhile, the girls got an entire weekend to play and take adventures with their aunt ebby + uncle bunny…stay tuned because they had SO much fun!! they are the epitome of the value in making memories with people you love… the couple of pictures i got made me cry they were so stinking cute. it totally deserves it’s own post!

we’re so blessed to have friends like we do…rooted in the Lord through all the ups and downs that life throws your way.

while we all had THE BEST time in the world with each other, i know we were all looking forward to getting home and hugging our babes tight.

back to reality, friends.


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8 thoughts on “a weekend away | lake toxaway

  1. I really love all these pics of Miller and also the shot of you gals in the canoe! What I love about photographs is that they a capture a moment that’s impossible to reproduce. ❤️???

  2. Oh my gosh, that sounds like the best time ever! I love getaways where you can just be refreshed with the people you love.

  3. Sooo glad you guys got to go and relax and enjoy yourselves. 🙂 All moms and dads need some time away!

  4. It sounds so wonderful! Hubs and I are planning an adults vacation soon and I’m nervous for it! It will be the first time we’re both away from our little one!

  5. Looks like you guys had a blast! I’ve been wanting to do a couples getaway, we did a friend trip a few years ago, but it was everyone with their kiddos, so it got a little crazy, lol.

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