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good morning and happy MAY!
what in the world…may?! where did april go?! surely i’m not the only one feeling like that..
i hope you’re checking in today feeling refreshed from a wonderful weekend! we had such a good weekend that turned out nothing like we had originally planned thanks to some icky weather.  sometimes it’s just what you need and i woke up this morning feeling pretty accomplished.

we’re jumping into the weekend like:

my mama heart is swelling this morning as i finish typing up this post… #preggoemotions
these girls are so big. SO big. they have been so much fun and i’m seriously getting all the feels as i watch them become these beautiful little people.  they’re also getting sassy. and hard. and emotional. and becoming these teeny little people who want to do things on their own, explore the world and we’re balancing it all with boundaries, accepting ‘no’, and respecting each other and adults. i got pretty emotional last night sitting in miller’s room {which is a daily occurrence right now because the girls want to be in there every chance they get} thinking about how much our world is going to change in the next few weeks.

guys, we just had the best weekend doing nothing. being kids. having fun and spending time as a family.
i can’t help but share some of our favorite moments this weekend… i hope you had a fabulous one too!

first ice cream cones
i think i’ve been waiting for this day since we found out we were pregnant with the twins.  ice cream is my jam and while lila doesn’t love the actual ice cream, she loved the experience of getting her very own cone… ducky, on the other hand, ate every bite of that sucker. that’s my girl! so much mess. so much stickiness…. the BEST. i can’t wait for more ice cream dates all. summer. long!!

puddle jumping
this was actually round two of puddle jumping this weekend… the girls had their first real experience of jumping in puddles and i don’t know if there’s anything better.  we had some really heavy rain this weekend that cancelled most all of our plans but left some windows of warmer weather full of the best puddles.  watching them run, jump and splash was pure joy. lila decided at one point she wanted to take her shoes off and watching them squish through was hilarious with their itty bitty toes.

lazy nakey saturdays
saturday was supposed to start super early with the march of dimes walk and while i was so bummed it was cancelled due to weather, it made for the perfect morning for nakey little girls to help make pancakes.  there’s something magical about toddlers sitting on the counter and helping in the kitchen…from pouring to stirring and sneaking chocolate chips in with a ‘mmm mmmmm, de-wish’ it was the perfect way to start our weekend.

golf cart rides
this is a daddy dream right here. i dream of ice cream dates with the girls and zach dreams of golf cart rides…maybe a little too much because after the girls got their first ride of the season, i’m not kidding when i say they wake up in the morning and are non-stop: ‘golf cart ride daddy? mommy stay right here. daddy work. golf cart ride daddy home.’ i can’t really do the golf cart rides any more with the bumping around, so it’s become special daddy time with his girls and it is quite possibly the cutest ever.

baby brother lovies
these girls and their baby brother. miller gets good morning kisses every morning, every night, and multiple times throughout the day. he gets offered snacks, drinks, blankies and toys.  while i question whether they know what’s really about to happen, they most certainly have SO MUCH love for this baby brother that will be joining our crew.  they love to sit in his room, read books in his chair, look at his clothes and most of all, give lovies to this ever growing belly. moments like these… they’re the best. ducky snuggled right on up, said ‘mama, shirt off. baby mi-ya muuuuah’. i happily obliged and she spent the next 2 minutes kissing every inch of my belly…jabbing her whole face in and pouncing the whole time.

it’s the little things, you know? it’s so easy to get so wrapped up in the day to day, the tantrums, time-outs or accidents in the car seat that you miss out on these sweet, sweet moments. life is crazy right now and it’s not about to slow down, but i need posts like this to remember what life is truly about. a whole weekend with my crew…documenting all the things that i love!

i hope you have a wonderful week!

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11 thoughts on “weekend favs | family time

  1. Oh my goodness, your little girls are just adorable! Your recaps are always so sweet. You seem to be enjoying every moment and that is such a blessing to your family!

  2. So cute! I can totally relate. My two boys aren’t getting so big so fast! Where does the time go!?

  3. Oh my gosh, so much cuteness! I think it’s adorable that they get so excited about the golf cart rides–shoot, my kids would too! And the ice cream cone pics, so cute!!

  4. Aww this is adorable!! I’m all about lazy nakey Saturday’s. Except I wear clothes because I’m pretty sure its inappropriate for me to be naked. haha

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