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happy monday! we’re coming off a FUN weekend filled with so many laughs and love…
and. i turned 30!
we had a full weekend and zach made sure to make me feel special for an entire week. each day last week he surprised me with a thoughtful gift with a hilarious card… this guy sure knows how to make me smile.


friday my mom and i had grand plans to take the girls for their first mani date and plans changed when we landed ourselves in a doctors apt for 1.5 hours… #momlife
it was still SO helpful having an extra set of hands to manage 3 babes, so we got through it and then made our way to snag a new pair of workout shoes before heading to lunch. my stepdad surprised us by showing up at rusty bucket and i had my favorite drink… a bloody mary + fried pickles..yum. i swear it’s like wrangling cats into a bath, but we survived and the girls were so stinking cute reading books to their babies.

after lunch, i dropped the big girls off to their aunt ebby’s for a sleep over and knew they’d play their little hearts out for the evening. mills and i headed home to get ready and then he got to spend the evening with mammaw + pappaw {zach’s mom + dad!}. it was their first time watching him { i finally had pumped enough to be gone for a few feedings! } and since he’s literally the easiest babe ever, i knew they’d get their fill of sweet baby snugs…and they sure did!
meanwhile, zach and i headed out for our first 1:1 date in 5 mooooonths. entirely too long. it’s not that we haven’t gone on dates, we just typically have mills tagging along since he’s so easy going. it was  long overdue and we had THE time of our lives!
we headed down to the oregon district and made our first stop at salar for some drinks and talking without meltdowns and interruptions…guys. it was amazing. we stuffed our bellies full of delicious sushi and finally headed back to get our little guy.


saturday started out pretty typical..zach had class that he was at all day so the kids and i took full advantage of a lazy morning at home. we played and stayed in our jams until the very last moment we had to get going.
my best friend since we were in diapers, janice, turns 30 just 5 days after i do {in 2 days!!!}, and she is married to zach’s best friend from childhood… we totally had plans from the beginning to get them together and noooow, 4 babes later, we’re still the best of friends.
.a n y w a y s.

our guys decided to take us out for our birthday’s to celebrate together and we were SO excited!! they planned everything out for us, down to childcare, so all we had to do was get ready and off we went! we stopped by chappy’s for a drink and then had to hustle out to ‘make our reservations’. we stopped by my moms to take a quick picture and…SURPRISE!

our family and best friends totally pulled off the best surprise party for us. delicious and thoughtful food…right down to the ice cream bar!! we’ve been through it all together and celebrating together was just the best.


after a late night with friends and family, then coming home to sleepless snotty toddlers, our crew slept in and had the laziest day..and it was perfection.
football on the tv, frozen pizza meals, snuggling and building lego towers.
wrapping up the weekend, i simply couldn’t imagine life any differently. i wouldn’t want to be anywhere else celebrating…we got to see family, friends, and wrapped up the weekend my most favorite way…at home with my tribe.
this is 30.

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10 thoughts on “weekend fun | this is 30

  1. Such a fun filled weekend!! Love that you and your best friend have been together for so long and how awesome that your husbands pulled off such a fun surprise!! Hope you have an excellent week! Happy belated birthday!

  2. You’re so blessed and you so recognize that fact, which makes it all the better for those of us observing your life! ❤️🐝🐰🐾👶🏼👧🏼👧🏼

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