weekend hikes with LILLEbaby

good morning and happy tuesday to you!
i’m actually checking in this morning drinking a LARGE cup of coffee while mopping up a puddle of tears. i kissed zach ‘bye’ yesterday for the first time since miller was born…where did the summer go?! don’t get me wrong, i feel so blessed to have him home for such a long time with us… it’s just so much more fun having someone to do this whole crazy parenting thing with! so. i’ll cry into my coffee and anyone who wants to drop off a bottle of wine…. feel free. kidding… kinda.

.a n y w a y s.

we made the best of our last week + weekend and jam packed in a whole bunch of FUN. when we talked about how we wanted to spend our last few days soaking up time together, we really just wanted to do some of our every day things, which for us means all the outside activities. our little family loves to spend as much time as we can doing anything and everything outside, the girls included.
gardening. golf cart rides. pool days. swing set hangs. chalk. dump trucks. hikes.
if it can be done outside, it’s perfect for us.

adding in a teeny babe in our mix makes for full hands and zach + i are officially outnumbered. my biggest way to combat the sheer logistics of 3 babes plus 1 me is to ‘wear’ miller every chance i get. it’s a great way to bond with mills while also keeping up with two busy toddlers.
i’m no stranger to the whole baby wearing world and if i’m being honest, it’s one of my favorite things about this new squishy baby phase. i fell in love with wearing the girls when they were itty bitty and even wore them together in a wrap. in my 2.5 years of baby wearing, i’ve ran the gamut of carriers and honestly, i have quite a few that i love…all for different reasons.

i’m so excited to share my newest baby carrier love with you all… the LILLEbaby.

the LILLEbaby complete is a soft structured carrier making it an easy + versatile carrier to use. most soft structured carriers are all variants of similar design, but the LILLEbaby definitely takes the cake on the best features.  when LILLEbaby reached out to try a carrier, i was impressed to see that i could use the same carrier for miller and the girls…without an insert. most soft carriers require an additional infant insert to be used for those first few months and for this mama, that’s one more thing i have to purchase and keep track of.
while i’m only wearing miller in the front-fetal newborn position right now because that’s where he’s most comfy, there are a total of 6 positions that baby can be worn including front-infant, front-outward, front-toddler, hip + back carry.

there are so many features i’m excited to use as we grow into the carrier, but it is honestly the most comfortable  + functional carrier i have used. between the lumbar support and the neck support for mills, this is my go-to wrap when needing to get him on quickly or when i’m doing anything physical..and let’s be honest, i have twin toddlers. that’s just life.

recently, we’ve been taking the girls on hikes around our property and they love it!! we have a mile loop around our 16 acres and while they aren’t quite to that point yet, they love to do the .5 mile loop to see our neighbors horse, rudy…you’d think rudy was a family member by the amount of times we talk about him!

this sweet boy gets to ride along in the softest, most breathable suede cloth.. he’s actually wearing nothing but a diaper in this heat and is perfectly cool… and stylish.
mama win for sure!

..and i even have both hands free to hold and love on these big sisters who first made me ‘mama’.

a big thank you to LILLEbaby for providing this carrier for my review. as always, opinions expressed are 100% my own and i appreciate your support!


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8 thoughts on “weekend hikes with LILLEbaby

  1. Looks very cool! You are a strong Momma, holding all three! ????????❤️❤️❤️❤️??

  2. I was looking at your picture on the right and saw that you were pregnant and expecting a boy. Then I start to look at this post and think wait is there already a baby in that carrier? Scroll down some more, yes there is! lol Time to update your profile pic. lol Don’t know how you manage holding all of three of them.

  3. Wow! I just love your spirit and energy! You have beautiful children and I love all that you do with them! xo~D

  4. I am so impressed that you are hiking with three kids – and still managed to bring the dog! You are like Super Woman!

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