sanibel island | family vaca 2017

we’re b a c k !!

7 days of nothing but sun, family, crazy, babies, and a whole lotta love. family vacation with 6 babes 3 and under + we all lived to tell about it! leading up to this trip, we had no idea if we’d really be going because of miller’s arrival, if i would be allowed to travel, and if we thought we’d be able to manage 3 babes…including a 2 week old! just days before our trip, we booked our plane tickets and i am so glad we did!
i just kept repeating, ‘if i’m going to be exhausted, i’m going to do it on the beach with a drink in hand!’
we managed to fly with the 3 babes, all 3 carseats, a double stroller and luggage, make a 45 minute layover in atlanta, get a rental car, and make it to the resort…alive!

check out this mama win… toddlers asleep + nursing baby…yaaaas!

we’ve been going to sanibel island every year since before i was born and watching the girls {and now mills} play and discover things about this little slice of paradise makes me just melt. i have so many memories growing up here…from chocolate milkshakes at the pool bar to catching lizards, building sandcastles to collecting seashells. i could go on and on, but seeing it through your kids’ eyes… bah. the tears. hormones are still raging, guys.

since adding to our family, we now have 4 families… my sister, christine, her hubby mark, and their step-sister, becca, her hubby nathan, and their son, and my mom and step-dad. 6 babes, guys, 6.

we have a pretty good routine these days, so most days started out with coffee + breakfast in our condo, followed quickly by suits + sunscreen time. we headed down to the pool to spend the morning with little fishies in the baby pool. it’s just the perfect depth for all the babes to splash around mostly independently + plenty of shade for this nursing mama.

we always headed up for lunch, put the babes down for nap..yep, all 6 napped. at. the. same. time. HALLELUJAH!! and then we took turns which adults stayed in and which adults made it to the beach with a drink in hand. in my case, zach liked the indoor time {cray, cray}, so i went out most days.

after naps it was another round of sunscreen and suits and out to the beach!
we splashed. collected seashells. built sand castles. flew kites. took walks. jumped the waves.
so. much. fun.

swim suit

we all took turns cooking two meals and cramming everyone into one apartment, put the kids down and then had some adult time for cards and hanging out.  we went out to dinner one night at one of our favorite places with live music and watched the kids dance the night away while we all sang!

we all slept in one room with the girls, mills in his dock-a-tot in bed with zach and i, and it went pretty well! the girls each got up about once a night and wanted a hug or to kiss miller and then went right back to bed..shockingly.
literally the only bummer of the trip was poor miss lila came down with a double ear infection + swimmer’s ear…so this tough chica found herself at urgent care with a fever and a good ole dose of antibiotics. the last two nights were pretty rough since she literally didn’t sleep, but we still managed to have a good time and she was a trooper!!

bahaha…as if there was any question if he was my baby…

THE BEST trip…we all had SO much fun…until next year, sanibel!!

photo dump:

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5 thoughts on “sanibel island | family vaca 2017

  1. Sounds like a great family trip! I love those kinds of trips! I absolutely love that picture of your girls looking out at the ocean. It’s so precious!

  2. Sounds like with patience and resilience you and Zach rocked the trip. Fun pics! ?❤️?

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